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And Then There Were None: Character Profiles

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Character Profiles

Dr. Edward George Armstrong:  Dr. Armstrong is a successful London medical doctor. Years ago, Louisa Clees, one of Armstrong's patients, died when Armstrong operated on her while he was intoxicated.

William Henry Blore:  William Blore is a private detective and ex-Scotland Yard Inspector. He is lured to Indian Island on the pretence that he will be investigating the other guests. Blore is accused of killing James Landor, a man who went to prison, and died there, as a result of testimony offered by Blore.

Miss Emily Caroline Brent:  Miss Emily Brent is an older, self-righteous woman who is fond of reading the Bible. She believes that the younger generation is too loose in its morals. Brent is accused of killing Beatrice Taylor, a woman she once employed. When Brent discovered that unmarried Taylor was pregnant, she fired her. Suffering from public humiliation, Taylor takes her own life.

Vera Elizabeth Claythorne:  Vera Claythorne is a young woman who has come to Indian Island to serve as Mrs. Owen's secretary. She is accused of killing Cyril Hamilton, a boy placed in her care. Cyril is the nephew of Hugo Hamilton, Claythorne's former lover. Though she was cleared of the charges, Claythorne actually killed Cyril so that Hugo could inherit a sum of money and marry her. Following Cyril's death Hugo jilts Claythorne. Claythorne, however, still pines for him.

Hugo Hamilton:  Hugo Hamilton is Vera Claythorne's former lover. Following the death of his nephew, he jilts Claythorne.

Sir Thomas Legge:  Sir Thomas Legge is an Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard. He helps to investigate the murders on Indian Island.

Captain Philip Lombard:  Captain Philip Lombard is a former military man who has engaged in some quasi-legal activities and appears to be a type of mercenary. He is convinced to come to Indian Island by Isaac Morris, although he isn't told exactly what he has been hired to do. Lombard is accused of abandoning a group of Africans during an expedition, an act which resulted in the Africans' deaths. Ever a cautious man, Lombard brings a revolver to the island.

General John Gordon MacArthur:  General Macarthur is a retired general. He is accused of sending Arthur Richmond, his wife's lover, to his death. Macarthur commanded Richmond during the war and sent him on a mission from which Richmond never returned.

Inspector Maine:  Inspector Maine is an Inspector with Scotland Yard who also helps to investigate the murders at Indian Island.

Anthony James Marston:  Anthony Marston is a flashy, reckless young man. In the habit of driving carelessly in his sports car, Marston once struck and killed a young man and woman. Marston is the first guest to die.

Isaac Morris:  Isaac Morris is used by U. N. Owen to purchase Indian Island and to arrange for the arrival of several guests. Morris is suspected of engaging in criminal activities, and he is murdered the same day the guests arrive on the island.

Fred Narracott:  Fred Narracott is the Sticklehaven sailor who conveys the guests and supplies to Indian Island.

U. N. Owen:  U. N. Owen is listed as the current owner of Indian Island. His letters and arrangement bring the ten guests to Indian Island.

Thomas and Ethel Rogers:  Mr. and Mrs. Rogers are the caretakers on Indian Island. They are accused of killing Miss Jennifer Brady, an elderly woman they once cared for. Miss Brady apparently died as a result of the Rogers' negligence.

Justice Lawrence Wargrave:  Lawrence Wargrave is a retired judge. He has the reputation of being a "hanging judge" and he admits to having a deep-seated fascination with both justice and death. Wargrave is accused of swaying a jury in order to obtain the conviction and death of Edward Seton. In the novel's final chapter, Wargrave reveals himself as the murderer of the other guests.


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