Doctor Faustus: Novel Summary: Act 3, scene 2-Act 3, scene 3

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Act 3, scene 2: Mephostophilis has transported Faustus to Rome and taken him into the private chambers of the Pope.  Faustus, who is well traveled by this time, seeks some amusement in his new destination.  He wants to embarrass the proud Pope and "make his monks and abbots stand like apes." (Act 3, scene 2, line 83) Mephostophilis and Faustus drug the Pope's ministers with a sleeping potion so that they can safely assume their forms and talk with the Pope.  Faustus wants to convince the Pope, in the form of his ministers, to condemn a man named Bruno (who wanted to ascend to the papacy). 
Act 3, scene 3: Faustus and Mephostophilis release Bruno and send him back to Germany during the dead of the night, much to the Pope and his newly awoken ministers' consternation and confusion in the morning.  Mephostophilis grants Faustus a cloak of invisibility and he plays tricks on the Pope during holy Peter's feast.  The Pope and his min