Doctor Faustus: Novel Summary: Act 4, scene 2-Act 4, scene 3

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Act 4, scene 2: The Emperor warmly welcomes Faustus to his palace.  In return, Faustus promises to conjure for him whatever his heart desires.  Benvolio lazily watches from a window in disbelief and contempt.  The Emperor asks to see Alexander the Great and his troops, which Faustus promptly produces.  He is angered, however, by Benvolio's mockery of the dark arts.  As a form of revenge, the Doctor magically attaches antlers on top of Benvolio's head.  Benvolio awakens and is embarrassed and enraged by his predicament.  The Emperor finds all of this amusing, but asks Faustus to remove the horns.  Benvolio mutters in rage afterwards that he will get his revenge and never trust smooth-talking scholars again.
Act 4, scene 3: Martino and Frederick try to discourage Benvolio in his plans of attacking Faustus for his revenge.  Benvolio, however, cannot rest until he kills Faustus.  The soldiers attack Faustus as he leaves the palace on a deserted road and cut off his head.  To their amazement, Faustus rises again with a new head and scorns the officers' attempt to kill him.  He cannot be kil