Doctor Faustus: Novel Summary: Act 4, scene 6-Act 4, scene 7

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Act 4, scene 6: The clown, Dick, a carter and the horse-courser enter a bar and engage in conversation with each other and the hostess.  The carter tells the other men how Faustus asked him how much money he should give him for all the hay he could eat.  The carter asked for three farthings and Faustus promptly ate the whole load of hay, much to his dismay.  The horse-courser in turn tells the other men how he was tricked into buying a bewitched horse and then tore off Faustus's leg.  The clown, carter and horse-courser agree to confront the Doctor after a round of drinks.
Act 4, scene 7: Faustus and Mephostophilis entertain the Duke of Vanholt and the duchess by erecting enchanted castles out of thin air.  Faustus asks the Duke to tell him what he most desires and he will be able to produce it.  The duchess asks for grapes, which she quickly receives.  At this time, the clown and his angry friends demand to see Faustus.  They want to be compensated for all of their miseries.&n