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Emma: Novel Summary: Chapter 34- Chapter 36

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Chapter 34: Everyone in the town who knows Mr. Elton is obliged to celebrate his marriage and welcome his wife, so the couple is invited to many dinners and parties.  Mrs. Elton talks about how she is not a stranger to parties, as she has spent time at Maple Grove, and that she will soon teach all the ladies of Highbury how everything ought to be arranged.  Emma feels that she must have a party for them as well, so she invites them and the Westons, Mr. Knightley, and as Harriet does not want to come, she invites Jane.  John Knightley is also coming to bring his two eldest sons for a visit, so he will be included in the party as well.  Mr. Weston is summoned away on business, so he has to arrive late.  At the party it is soon brought to everyone's attention that Jane had been caught out in the rain earlier on her way to the post office.  She talks about how much she enjoys her daily walks to the post office, but Mrs. Elton will not hear of it and insists that one of her employees pick up and deliver her mail from now on.  Jane is obviously upset by this, but changes the subject.  A discussion about the post office and handwriting follows, and dinner is served.  Emma tries to be especially nice to Jane, as she can see that she is upset about the mail incident.
Chapter 35: When the ladies enter the drawing room after dinner, Emma hears Mrs. Elton telling Jane that she is going to find a situation as a governess for her.  Jane tells her that she wants to wait until the end of summer and repeatedly asks Mrs. Elton not to go to any trouble, but Mrs. Elton will not take no for an answer and is determined.  The men join the ladies in the drawing room and Mr. Weston arrives. He gives Mrs. Weston a letter that had arrived for her from Frank, and it is discovered that Frank will soon be coming for a visit.  Mrs. Churchill wants to be moved south where it is warmer because of her illness, so Frank will be near enough to visit.
Chapter 36: The party talks about Mrs. Churchill, and Mr. Weston explains that he blames her for exaggerating illnesses to keep his son away from him.  He says that Mr. Churchill is a quiet man who does not share his wife's pride.  After tea, some sit down to cards, and John Knightly talks to Emma about his sons.  He tells her to send them home if she finds them any trouble with all of her increased engagements.  Emma says that she does not know what he is talking about, as she is almost always at home.  Mr. Knightley says that she can send them to him if she is too busy, and she replies that he is not at home more than she is not at home. 


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