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Emma: Novel Summary: Chapter 43- Chapter 45

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Chapter 43: They have a good day to go to Box Hill, but Emma finds that she is quite bored, and that no one is being entertaining.  She and Frank start talking, and it turns into open flirtation.  They try to get people to say entertaining things, and many of them do not want to, and then Emma says something to Miss Bates about how she cannot limit the amount she talks.  Mrs. Elton gets up to walk, and when the subject comes to marriage, Frank asks Emma if she will choose a wife for him, as he thinks she would do a good job.  Jane asks Miss Bates if they should go walk with Mrs. Elton.  As they are leaving Box Hill, Mr. Knightley stops Emma and scolds her for what she said to Miss Bates.  He says that she hurt her feelings, and should realize how much she can hurt people in her position.  Emma feels quite bad. 
Chapter 44: The next day Emma goes to see Miss Bates quite early, in hopes to make up for how she had treated her.  She finds that Jane is quite ill and will not be seen, but Emma talks to Miss Bates a while, and things seem to be fine between them again.  Miss Bates tells Emma that Jane has accepted the position that Mrs. Elton found for her.  Everyone is quite surprised, and Jane is to leave in a fortnight for the Smallridge house, near Maple Grove.  Emma is sorry for all that she had conjectured about Jane and Mr. Dixon and that she had not been a better friend to Jane while she was here. She decides to make up for it. 
Chapter 45: When Emma gets home she finds Mr. Knightley there.  He has been waiting for her, but now he has to leave, as he needs to go to London to see John and Isabella.  Emma is sure he has not forgiven her, but when her father says that she has been at Miss Bates' house, he is instantly relieved.  He takes leave of them, and when he takes Emma's hand and almost puts it to his mouth for a kiss, she is sure he forgives her. 
The following day news arrives that Mrs. Churchill had died.  She died from a seizure of a different nature than her lingering illness, but still everyone feels bad that they had never believed in her illnesses before.  Emma wonders at how it will affect Frank, as he will be much more free now than he was before.  Emma's attentions return to Jane, and she sends a note inviting Jane to Hartfield.  A refusal comes, saying that she is too ill.  Emma then suggests a ride in the carriage, as perhaps Jane needs some fresh air, and this is also refused.  Emma later hears that Jane was seen out walking the same day she invited her out, and Emma realizes that Jane wants no kindness from her.


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