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Emma: Novel Summary: Chapter 52- Chapter 54

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Chapter 52: Emma gets an invitation to London for Harriet from Isabella, and Harriet accepts.  It makes Emma feel better that Harriet will be in London with all of its distractions.  She also decides to wait on telling her father about her and Mr. Knightley until after Mrs. Weston has her baby and he does not have to worry about her anymore.  Emma goes to visit Jane, and Mrs. Elton is there.  It is obvious that Mrs. Elton is feeling quite proud about being let in on the secret between Jane and Frank, as she thinks that Emma does not know about it.  Later when Mr. Elton arrives to say that he had walked all the way to Donwell and Mr. Knightley was not there, Emma is sure that he is waiting for her at Hartfield, so she goes to leave.  Jane walks her out, and Emma hints that she knows about the engagement.  Jane is happy that she does, and says how sorry she is that she has been so distant to Emma.  Emma tells Jane how happy she is for her.
Chapter 53: Everyone is made happy by Mrs. Weston's health at her giving birth to a baby girl.  Mr. Knightley receives a letter from John Knightley in reply to the one that he sent announcing his engagement to Emma.  Emma reads it and sees that he thinks that the advantage is all on Emma's side.  Emma tells Mr. Knightley that she is sure her father will think the advantage all on his side.  The letter also says that Harriet will be staying there a little longer.  Emma tells her father that she and Mr. Knightley are going to marry, and she tries to make it sound like the best idea possible that he would come to live with them at Hartfield.  He does not like change at all, and so it will take some convincing.  Emma tells Mrs. Weston about it, and she tries to convince Mr. Woodhouse, as does Isabella in letters.  Mrs. Weston is quite surprised by the news, but happy for them.  The news spreads quickly, and everyone has their opinion about it, although most are happy for them.  The exception is Mrs. Elton, who feels sorry for Mr. Knightley and regrets that there will be no more pleasant interaction with him.
Chapter 54: A bit of time passes, and one day Mr. Knightley tells Emma that he has some news for her.  He tells her that Mr. Martin and Harriet Smith are going to be married.  Emma is shocked, and Mr. Knightley thinks that she is taking the news bad because she does not want Harriet to marry Mr. Martin.  Emma is quite relieved though, and tells him that she does not think it is a bad idea, she is just surprised.  He tells her that Mr. Martin had gone to John Knightley's on business for him and had seen Harriet there.  They had renewed their friendship, and when he asked for marriage, she accepted.  He had come back to Highbury and told Mr. Knightley the news, and Mr. Knightley told him to go to Mrs. Goddard's to ask about her family.  He tells her that he thinks it a good match, and that he had gone out of his way to get to know Harriet for Emma and Robert Martin's sake.  Emma is quite happy for Harriet and relieved that she can now be happy with Mr. Knightley without worrying about her.  Emma and her father go to the Westons' to visit the baby, and they find Frank and Jane there.  Frank takes Emma aside to apologize for his conduct with her, but she says it is not necessary and that she is happy for him.  Emma brings up how she has said things that she is ashamed of, and he says that the shame is all his.  He also returns her congratulations, as he has heard about her and Mr. Knightley. 


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