Great Expectations: Novel Summary: Volume 2, Chapter 15-Volume 2, Chapter 17

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Volume 2, Chapter 15: Pip explains his routine and about how Herbert and he lived.  He talks of his desire to join a group called "The Finches of the Grove" when he was of age.  Both Herbert and he live rather expensively and are in debt.  One night, they decide to go over their finances, and feel good about themselves when they are finished.  As they are wrapping up, they here a letter dropped through their door.  Pip opens it and finds out that his sister passed away, and that he must go home for her funeral services.
Volume 2, Chapter 16: The days before he goes home, Pip feels that his sister's presence is all around him in his house.  He arrives home to find Mr. Trabb in charge of the funeral services, he sits by Joe as people walk through the house offering their condolences and partaking in refreshments.  They go to the churchyard, and Pip watches as they lay his sister to rest next to the parents he never knew.  After the funeral, Pip takes a walk with Biddy.  She tells him of her plans to become the mistress of the new school.  Pip promises to come back and visit Joe often, and Biddy insults him by saying that he will not.  Pip prepares to leave the next morning, says goodbye to Joe, and tells Biddy that he is hurt by her remarks to him.  She apologizes to him and he leaves and as he walks away sees the mists rising again in his life. 
Volume 2, Chapter 17: Pip finally comes of age and on his twenty-first birthday pays a visit to Mr. Jaggers.  He asks who his secret guardian is, and Jaggers does not tell him and says that it will be revealed at some other time.  Pip is disappointed but Jaggers tells him of his