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Great Expectations: Novel Summary: Volume 1, Chapter 4-Volume 1, Chapter 6

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Volume 1, Chapter 4: As Pip arrives home, Mrs. Joe asks him where he has been.  He tells her that he was out listening to the carolers.  No one had discovered yet that he has stolen the food and the brandy. After the Mr. Joe and Pip go to church, they come home to have Christmas dinner with Mr. Wopsle, Mr. Mrs. Hubble, and Joe's Uncle Pumblechook. They all sit down and have a nice Christmas dinner when the conversation turns to how much of a trial Pip is. Mrs. Joe then gives Uncle Pumblechook some of the brandy in which Pip had taken earlier that morning, and when he drinks it, they discover that is Tar-water, not brandy.  Pips conscious is going crazy, and he is terrified that they will find him out.  His sister then says she is going to get the Pork Pie, another item Pip stole, and Pip panics and runs towards the door.  When he opens it, a party of soldiers holding handcuffs is standing there. 
Volume 1, Chapter 5: The soldiers grab Pip and ask hold handcuffs up to him.  But they are there only to get the handcuffs repaired by Mr. Joe, the blacksmith.  Mrs. Joe comes out of the kitchen saying that the pork pie is missing but no one really pays much attention.  Everyone drinks wine and has a good time while Mr. Joe fixes the handcuffs.  When they are finished, the soldiers ask Mr. Joe if he would like to come along as they capture the escaped convicts in the marshes, he agrees, and he asks Mrs. Joe if he can take Pip.  The soldiers, Mr. Wopsle, Mr. Joe, and Pip travel through the marshes looking for the convicts when they start to hear shouting.  They follow the shouting as it starts and stops numerous times, and finally come along the two escaped convicts grappling in a ditch.  The man Pip had was holding the other convict in attempts to "turn him in." The prisoners are lead back to the prison ship and though he recognized him, Pip's convict only gave him a single look.  Right before the guards send the convict back onto the prison boat, he tells the soldiers that he stole some food, brandy, and a pie from the blacksmith's house. 
Volume 1, Chapter 6: They arrived home and told the tale of the prisoners and everyone had a theory of how the convict broke into the house to steal the food.  Pip, though he wanted to, he did not tell Mr. Joe his part in it all out of cowardliness.  After he was heated by the fire, Mrs. Joe put him to bed, and the whole incident he stated, "ceased to be mentioned saving on exceptional occasions."


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