Great Expectations: Novel Summary: Volume 3, Chapter 19-Volume 3, Chapter 20

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Volume 3, Chapter 19: Pip arrives home and while at the Blue Boar eating, he runs into Uncle Pumblechook who lectures him on his ingratitude towards him.  This makes Pip feel guiltier about his treatment of Joe and Biddy.  On his way to Joe's, Pip stops at Biddy's schoolhouse and no one is there.  When he reaches the forge Joe is not there either.  Finally Pip looks into the parlor window and sees Joe and Biddy getting married.  They are overjoyed to see them, and he tells them of his plans to join Herbert in the firm in Egypt.  He goes and for many years works side by side with Herbert while paying off his debts.  After a few years, they tell Herbert of Pip's involvement in the partnership and it strengthens their friendship even more.  Eventually, Pip becomes a third partner in the business. 
Volume 3, Chapter 20: Eleven years after he left, Pip comes back to see Joe and Biddy.  They have two children, one named Pip, and are happy.  Biddy asks him if he has yet gotten over Estella, and he tells her that he has though in his heart he has not.  Later that evening, he goes walks out to where Miss Havisham's house used to be thinking of Estella.  He knew that she had a terrible marriage to Drummle and that he had died two years previous, but knew nothing of her since.  When he gets to Miss Havisham's old land