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Jane Eyre: Novel Summary: Chapters 3-4

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Chapter 3: The next thing Jane remembers is waking up in her own bed.  Mr. Lloyd, the apothecary, comes to see her, and the next day she is up and about, though her nerves are still shaken.  Bessie is especially nice to Jane, but Jane feels as if she cannot eat or read.  Bessie sings to her, and Jane gets sad over her state and cries.  When Mr. Lloyd comes again and asks why she has been crying, she states that she is miserable because she has no father or mother and that Gateshead is not her house.  He asks if she has any other relations, and she answers that Mrs. Reed said that she might, but that they must be beggars.  When asked, she admits that she would not like to belong to poor people.  When asked if she would like to go to school, Jane says yes.  While listening to Bessie talk when she thinks Jane is asleep, Jane learns that her father was a poor clergyman, and that her mother's grandfather (Reed) disowned her when she married him.  They both died of typhus fever.
Chapter 4: Weeks pass without mention of Jane going to school.  When Jane hears Mrs. Reed telling John not to talk to Jane, Jane replies that he and his sisters are not fit to associate with her.  Mrs. Reed becomes angry and locks Jane in her room.  Jane wonders to Mrs. Reed what her uncle, mother and father would say about her behavior towards her.  November, December and half of January pass with Jane not being involved in any of the holiday activities, and then Jane is called downstairs to meet with Mrs. Reed and a stranger who has come. 
Jane nervously enters the room and meets Mr. Brocklehurst of Lowood School.  It is decided that Jane will be sent to Lowood, and Mrs. Reed tells Mr. Brocklehurst that they should keep a strict eye on Jane, as she has a tendency to deceit.  Jane realizes that Mrs. Reed is trying to sow aversion and unkindness upon Jane's new phase of life and obliterate hope of things being different there.  Mr. Brocklehurst says that he will speak to Miss Temple and the teachers about Jane. When he is gone Jane tells Mrs. Reed that she is not deceitful, that she does not love her, and that in the entire world she only dislikes John more.  She also says that Georgiana is the liar, not her.  After the fight, Jane cannot read but takes a walk instead.  Bessie comes to find her, and Jane finds a friend in her and is sorry that they have not reached an understanding such as this until Jane is about to leave.


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