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  1. Haymitch Abernathy

    Haymitch Abernathy is District 12’s only other living victor. His experience in the Games was psychologically devastating, and he earned Katniss’s description of him as “surly, violent, and drunk most of the time.” Yet he also successfully mentors, and comes to care for, Katniss and Peeta, and he is a driving force in the rebellion against the Capitol.

  2. Dr. Aurelius

    Dr. Aurelius is the psychologist who helps Katniss manage her grief, patiently and with a touch of dry humor, after she is burned.

  3. Boggs

    Boggs is a trained soldier in District 13 and, according to Gale, Coin’s “right-hand lackey.” Yet he reveals himself to be brave, smart, and loyal to Katniss and the cause.

  4. FulviaCardew

    FulviaCardewis Plutarch Heavensbee’s “calculating” assistant; she is from the Capitol but works in District 13’s propaganda effort.

  5. Delly Cartwright

    Delly Cartwright is a sweet, affectionate girl from District 12 who helps with Peeta’s rehabilitation.

  6. Cashmere

    Cashmere was a male Career tribute from District 1. Gloss is his sister; they won their Games in consecutive years. Both died in the Quarter Quell arena and haunt Katniss’s memories in Mockingjay.

  7. Castor and Pollux

    Castor and Pollux are twin brothers, raised in the Capitol, who film the propos for District 13. Katniss sometimes calls them “the insects” because they carry their gear on their backs in packs that remind her of beetles’ carapaces. Pollux is an Avox.

  8. Cinna

    Cinna was Katniss’s stylist from her reaping till his death just before she entered the Quarter Quell arena. He is still a presence in Mockingjay, through his brilliant designs for Katniss’s uniforms, his instructions for her protection and the prep team’s, and his enduring influence on Katniss herself.

  9. Alma Coin

    Alma Coin is president of District 13. She is about fifty, with impeccably groomed short gray hair and such pale gray eyes that it’s “as if almost all the color has been sucked out of them.” Coin is not impressed with Katniss.

  10. Cressida

    Cressida is a former Capitol citizen who directs the television crew that films the Mockingjay propos.

  11. Annie Cresta

    Annie Crestais Finnick’s beloved and the girl for whose place Mags took in the Quarter Quell (Catching Fire). Less mad than “unstable,” Annie’s time in the arena and captivity in the Capitol have caused her long-term mental problems, but Finnick gently cares for her and so clearly loves her that, as Katniss says, “that’s good enough for me.”

  12. Dalton

    Dalton is a refugee from District 10. His area of expertise is breeding livestock, and he points out District 13’s need for “new stock” after the pox epidemic killed many and left others sterile.

  13. Darius

    Darius is the sweet-natured District 12 Peacekeeper who tried to prevent Gale’s flogging and was punished by being made an Avox. Snow assigns Darius to serve in the Training Center to rattle Katniss. He dies under torture after the destruction of the Quarter Quell arena.

  14. Enobaria

    Enobarria was the District 2 female victor and tribute in the Quarter Quell. She has sharpened her teeth to points for use as weapons and had them inlaid with gold. As Mockingjay opens, she is a captive of the Capitol.

  15. Katniss Everdeen

    Katniss Everdeenis the first-person narrator of Mockingjay.A seventeen-year-old, battle-seasoned survivor of two arenas, Katniss is co-victor, with PeetaMellark, of the 74th Hunger Games and has become, against her will, the central symbol of the rebellion against the Capitol.

  16. Primrose Everdeen

    Primrose Everdeen is Katniss’s younger sister. An able medic-in-training, Prim is compassionate and loves Katniss deeply.

  17. Mrs. Everdeen

    Mrs. Everdeen is Katniss’s and Prim’s mother. Her first name is not given in the novel. She is a talented healer and herbalist and works in District 13’s hospital, where she commands less respect than she should because she lacks formal medical training.

  18. Caesar Flickerman

    Caesar Flickermanis a television celebrity who has for decades handled all pre- and post-Game interviews. Katniss calls him “the eternal host of the Hunger Games.”In Mockingjay, he conducts the interviews with Peeta that are part of the Capitol’s propagandistic appeal to the districts to stop the rebellion.

  19. Gale Hawthorne

    Gale Hawthorneis Katniss’s closest friend, her confidante and hunting partner, and possibly the man she loves. He loves her, but their relationship is troubled because of her relationship with Peeta and the resistance movement, to which Gale is passionately committed.Gale Hawthorne’s younger siblings are Rory, Vick, and Posy. They live now in District 13.

  20. Hazelle Hawthorne

    Hazelle Hawthorneis Gale’s mother and, with her younger children, a refugee from District 12.

  21. Plutarch Heavensbee

    Plutarch Heavensbeewas Head Gamemaker for the third Quarter Quell. In that role, he planned the abduction of Katniss from the arena. He now works in District 13’s propaganda department.

  22. Homes

    Homes is a soldier in Boggs’s 451 sharpshooter unit, an older man who, like Soldier Mitchell, can “shoot the dust off your boots at fifty yards.”

  23. Jackson

    Jackson is a middle-aged woman and second in command of Boggs’s 451 sharpshooter unit.

  24. BeeteeLatier

    BeeteeLatierwas the male tribute from District 3, as a boy and in the Quarter Quell. A talented inventor, he’s fidgety but good with electronics; in his Games, he killed six tributes at once by dropping an electrified net on them. He now works in weapons design for District 13. He must spend most of his time in a wheelchair because of the injuries he suffered in the Quarter Quell arena.

  25. Lavinia

    Lavinia is the Avox girl who Katniss recognizes in the Training Center before her first Games. She not only serves Katniss but is kind to her even though Katniss failed to help her when she tried to escape through the woods near District 12. Lavinia dies under torture after the destruction of the Quarter Quell arena.

  26. Leeg 1 and Leeg 2

    Leeg 1 and Leeg 2 are sisters so alike that their fellow soldiers have trouble telling them apart. They are in their twenties and are part of Boggs’s 451 sharpshooter unit.

  27. Leevy

    Leevyis a girl who lived near the Hawthornes in the Seam and who helped Katniss on the day that Gale is whipped. She evacuates to District 13, where she participates in the “focus group” that refines the Mockingjay propos.

  28. Lyme

    Lyme is a middle-aged soldier and former tribute who commands the rebels in District 2. She stands more than six feet tall and is strong and muscular.

  29. Johanna Mason

    Johanna Mason was the District 7 tribute in the Quarter Quell. Cynical in the extreme and foolhardy because she has nothing and no one left to lose, Johanna is a formidable enemy who chooses to help Katniss and Peeta. As Mockingjay opens, she is a captive of the Capitol.

  30. PeetaMellark

    PeetaMellarkis Katniss’s co-victor in the 74th Hunger Games. Generous and clever, he loves Katniss and defends her in two arenas. As Mockingjay opens, however, he is a captive of the Capitol.

  31. Messalla

    Messallais “a slim young man with several sets of earrings” and other piercings. A former Capitol citizen, he assists Cressida in filming the propos.

  32. Mitchell

    Mitchell is a soldier in Boggs’s 451 sharpshooter unit, an older man who, like Soldier Homes, can “shoot the dust off your boots at fifty yards.”

  33. FinnickOdair

    FinnickOdairis a District 4 victor who won the Games at age 14, the youngest victor ever, and who participates in the third Quell. Finnick is handsome and deadly with a trident and was part of the plan to get Katniss out of the arena, but as Mockingjay opens, he is suffering disabling grief over his fears for his beloved Annie.

  34. Commander Paylor

    Payloris a commander in District 8, a tough and able woman in her thirties who travels with the rebellion to the Capitol. She respects Katniss’s compassion.Katniss finds that she wants not to let Paylor down.

  35. Peacekeepers

    The Peacekeeper areironically named, since the only “peace” they keep is the Capitol’s hold over the districts. They are featured in many scenes. Both men and women can be Peacekeepers; many of them come from District 2, where children are brought up to be eager warriors. But people can agree to service as Peacemakers to cancel debts or to pay for crimes as well. They wear white uniforms and helmets with face shields.

  36. Portia

    Portia is Peeta’s stylist for both Games; she is executed, along with Peeta’s prep team, after the destruction of the Quarter Quell arena.

    Pollux see Castor

  37. Rue

    Rue was the District 11 tribute who becomes Katniss’s ally and friend in the 74th Hunger Games before she is killed (see The Hunger Games). Katniss adorned Rue’s body with flowers, in defiance of the Capitol, and thinks of her often.

  38. Greasy Sae

    Greasy Sae, who formerly had a stall in Hob, evacuated to District 13 and now works in the kitchen.

  39. President Coriolanus Snow

    President Coriolanus Snow leads the government in the Capitol and rules Panem. Slightish, gray, and impeccably dressed, he is never without a white rose and, Katniss thinks, the aroma of blood.

  40. Thom

    Thom is a miner and former crewmate of Gale; he helps to rebuild District 12.

  41. Tigris

    Tigris is “one of Plutarch’s people,” a Capitol citizen who sympathizes with the rebellion. A former Games stylist, Tigris is surgically altered to resemble a tiger, tail and all, and speaks in purrs and growls. She hides Katniss and the survivors of the attack in the sewer.

  42. Effie Trinket

    Effie Trinket was District 12’s escort and liaison to the Capitol. A prisoner in the Capitol after Katniss escapes the arena, Effie is a shell of her formerly energetic self but survives to guide Katniss through Snow’s trial and execution.

  43. Madge Undersee

    Madge Undersee is the mayor’s daughter and Katniss’s friend. She gives Katniss the mockingjay pin, before the 74th Games, that had belonged at one time to her aunt, who died in the Games. As Mockingjay opens, Katniss does not know whether Madge and family, Mayor and Mrs. Undersee, escaped to the Capitol or were killed in the bombing.

  44. Venia, Octavia, and Flavius

    Venia, Octavia, and Flavius are Katniss’s prep team. Silly and shallow, they love Katniss and would do anythingfor her—but they are also fearful and childish. Adjusting to life in District 13 is hard for them.


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