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Oliver Twist: Novel Summary: Chapters13-15

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Chapter 13: Fagin yells at the boys until they tell him the tail of Oliver being caught.  This upsets Fagin even more and makes him start to beat on the boys.  They in turn retaliate and just as a full on fight is starting, in walks Mr. Sikes with his big white dog.  The Jew then stops beating on the children, and tries to accommodate him.  They sit down with a drink and discuss the Oliver situation.  They decide that someone must go to the prison and find out what happened to him.  Nancy and Betty came over again, and they finally threaten and bribe Nancy into going down to the police station to find out Oliver's fate.  When she arrives she finds out that they released Oliver and she rushes back to tell Fagin and Mr. Sikes and they decide that they have to find him as soon as possible and kidnap him so he does not spill their secrets.

Chapter 14: When Oliver awakened from his fainting spell, he found that they had removed the painting of the mysterious woman.  Oliver then expressed his like for it and Mrs. Bedwin said she would put it back up.  Once Oliver was well enough to put on his clothing, Mr. Brownlow bought him a new suit, cap, and shoes.  Oliver had never owned new clothes before and he was ecstatic.  Oliver went to have a meeting and talk to Mr. Brownlow about his future.  They talked about books and how someday Oliver could read and write them if he wanted to.  Oliver is afraid that he is going to be sent away and begs to stay.  Mr. Brownlow says that he can, and Mr. Grimwig comes for a visit.  Mr. Brownlow invites Oliver to stay and talk with them.  Mr. Grimwig is a cynic and expounds on the bad qualities of Oliver that he expects are there.  Oliver decides that he wants to help and offers to return the books that Mr. Brownlow borrowed.  Mr. Brownlow agrees and Mr. Grimwig, keeping with his personality, made a prediction that the boy would never come back once set free. Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig sat for a long time waiting for Oliver by the tick of the watch that sat on the table.
Chapter 15: Nancy reports that where Oliver had been taken and tells them of his illness.  They go out to search for him, and as he is returning the books, he runs into Nancy. She made a loud ruckus and explained to everyone that he was her runaway little brother.  He protested but she and the others dragged him out of the street with them with the support of the crowd who did not believe Oliver's side of the tale.  As nighttime fell, Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig still sat waiting for Oliver to come home.


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