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Oliver Twist: Novel Summary: Chapters31-33

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Chapter 31: Blathers and Duff, the Bow Street Runners, come into the house and ask questions about the crime to Mrs. Maylie and Dr. Losberne.  Losberne recounts the circumstances to them, and they ask about the injured boy they heard the servants speaking of.  Losberne tells them that Oliver had nothing to do with the crime and that in all the excitement someone mistaken him for one of the thieves.  Blathers and Duff inspect the premises and demise that the robbers were professionals, probably from London.  Dr. Losberne, Mrs. Maylie, and Rose debate on whether or not Oliver should tell his story to the men, and they decide that though they believed him, it was rather farfetched.  In Oliver's interest, they decided to make up a fake one for the boy so they could keep him safe.  Stalling the officers, they took them down to the kitchen, gave them food, drink, and listened to their tale of another robbery.  Finally, they want to go see Oliver.  When they get to his room, he looks even worse and they question Mr. Giles on why he assaulted the boy when he came in the house.  Giles swore that he made a mistake and that Oliver was not the boy he shot the night before.  Blathers and Duff then heard a rumor about two men and a boy in another town that had been found, and they went off to inspect to see if they had committed the crime.  When their findings came up negative, Mrs. Maylie thanked them and sent them away.  Oliver continued to thrive under their care. 

Chapter 32: Oliver caught a fever, but under the good care of his new friends, he recovered.  He offered to work for the family if they would let him stay and they assented easily.  When Oliver was recovered, Dr. Losberne took him to the residence of Mr. Brownlow who Oliver wanted to see so he could tell them what happened.  On the way, Oliver spotted the house that Sikes had taken him to the night of the robbery, and they stopped so that Dr. Losberne could question the owner.  This questioning proved inconclusive.  When they arrived at the Brownlow residence however, they found that Mr. Brownlow, Mrs. Bedwin, and Mr. Grimwig had all moved to the West Indies.  Oliver, saddened by the news, went back to stay with Mrs. Maylie.  Soon the whole family moved out to the cottage in the country and Oliver was extremely happy there.  He learned all he could from the village vicar, and would take daily walks with Mrs. Maylie and Rose whom he adored.
Chapter 33: One evening as they were taking a particularly long walk, Rose sat down to play the piano as usual.  That night however, she began crying during her playing, and Mrs. Maylie and Oliver were very distressed.  Rose ended up falling very ill, and they feared she was going to die.  Mrs. Maylie gave Oliver a letter to deliver into the nearest town that would bring Dr. Losberne to them.  Oliver was exceptionally saddened that he might lose Rose, and was grateful he could do something to help.  He delivered the letter to the innkeeper who dispatched a man with it right away.  On Oliver's way back to the house, he ran into a strange man that began shouting at him.  The man said that Oliver was haunting him, and Oliver left as quickly as possible.  He prayed earnestly for Rose, and the next night Losberne came to help them.  After he examined her, he told them there was little hope for her survival.  Oliver prayed harder and spent time in the cemetery watching a funeral.  When he returned, he was told that if Rose woke up from the sleep she had gone into, then she would experience a full recovery. Otherwise she would die.  The next morning, Dr. Losberne came downstairs with the news that Rose had awakened, and everyone rejoiced the news.


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