Oliver Twist: Novel Summary: Chapters46-48

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Chapter 46: Nancy met Rose and Mr. Brownlow on the bridge.  They went down the steps at the side so they could talk without being seen, and Noah went down the other side to listen to their conversation.  Nancy told them the appearance of Monks and the others, and where to find them.  Rose stated that she recognized the Monks as the one seen with Fagin at the window by Oliver.  Nancy makes them swear that no harm will come to her friends, and they say that they only want to get their hands on Monks.  Mr. Brownlow offers again to help Rose but she declines.  They leave, and soon after, Noah leaves to go report his story to Fagin.

Chapter 47: Bill Sikes entered Fagin's residence early that morning only to be told of what had transpired between Nancy, Rose, and Mr. Brownlow.  She had revealed where they were located and what they looked like and Fagin made Noah tell the story to Bill.  He was furious, and left intending to kill her as he would any other person whom would have done such a thing.  He went to his house and roused Nancy, and told her how she had been followed.  She begged and pleaded but Sikes killed her as she was on her knees clutching Rose's handkerchief.
Chapter 48: Sikes flees London but everywhere he goes he is reminded of the murder of Nancy.  Sikes imagines that she is haunting him and that everyone around knows his crime.  Finally, he decides to go back to London, thinking that no one will think to look for him there.  He realize