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A Lonesome Life At Fifteen


Del Carter, a lonesome girl, fifteen years of age, hated
her life and everything in it. She had many problems
affecting everything she did. Problems at home caused
problems at school. Problems in school affected her social
life. It seemed that everything she did turned out wrong. 

It was a hot, sticky, summer day in July. Del sat in her
bed, with a book in her hand. She read a lot because she
felt as if it took her out of reality and away from her
pain and suffering. Sometimes Del would lie on her bed and
listen to the birds chirp. Such a simple thing made Del so
happy. She also loved to listen to the children play and
laugh. Del envied them. She wished that she had friends to
play with when she was younger. 

Her parents were downstairs fighting as they had always
done. This didn't even faze Del anymore because she was
used to the yelling and fighting. Her parents acted like
children. Del always wondered why they didn't get divorced.
She didn't stop reading until her parents started to talk
about her. 

"If she was like Andy, then maybe she would do something
with her life. She would be out doing -- kid things," said
Mr. Carter. 

Andy was Del's older sister. She graduated college and
worked as an accountant for the Bank of New York. She was
the exact opposite of Del. She was smart, funny, pretty,
popular, and most importantly she was loved.
Her mother then screamed, "Del just needs time to... open
up." Del's mother at least attempted to act like she loved
and cared about Del. But deep down her mom knew that Del
would never open up to anybody. Her mom knew that Del would
always be the same boring, fat, ugly Del that she was that
day. The words that her parents said hit her like targeted
bullets. Every word cut her like a knife. She thought that
her parents had a right to say what they did about her.
After all Del was a complete failure. She then bottled up
the heartache inside as she always did and went back to
reading her book. 

That September, when school began, Del woke up and started
her daily routine. Everyday she would get up, put on
anything, eat breakfast, and walk out the door. When she
did this she thought of her sister. She wondered about what
Andy did on her first day of the tenth grade. "Was she
excited," Del thought to herself. Del was never excited
about school. To her it was just another place where people
made fun of her and talked about her. She went to school
that day wearing black pants, a black shirt and black
shoes. She wasn't wild about colors. They were too happy
and full of life. Del wasn't living a happy wonderful life,
so why should she be something she wasn't?. She didn't care
about what she wore. She simply got dressed with whatever
was lying around.. 

She walked down the hallway with a depressed lifeless look
on her face. She dragged her feet across the school floor
as if they were two heavy weights. Down the hallway stood
two boys who had nothing better to do with their lives then
stare at her. When she passed them, they began to talk
about her. "What did she do to them," she thought to
herself. She had never even seen those two boys before. She
did nothing to deserve this constant torture.
Del's life went on. Year by year, day by day, it was all
the same. Her life was filled with pain and suffering until
one dark day, God decided that Del was needed somewhere
else. On October 3, 1993, Del got into a car accident. It
was a head-on collision and she died from the harsh impact.
She was finally free.



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