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Never Trust A Man Who Wears Sunglasses At Night


Vlad was dressed in his usual outfit of black denim jeans,
black silk shirt and sunglasses. He had one thought on his
mind; make the meeting on time. As he walked, he recalled
the circumstances leading up to his midnight stroll. He had
been contacted in the usual way. When he woke up that
morning, he had seen a yellow chalk mark across the road on
an adjacent building. It would seem that someone had need
of his specialized services. He certainly hoped so because
money was tight at the moment. The yellow mark meant that
he had a potential customer and should meet him/her in
Central Park at 2:00 am. 

He was already moving two hours early...always get to the
meeting first. Always be sure the area is safe. Always be
sure its a customer you're meeting and not the police. He
made his way towards the meeting place, stopping only
twice. Once, to kick a stray cat he saw walking in front of
him and once to grab a bottle of Jack Daniel's from the
hands of a wino, take a few swallows and throw the bottle
away. He finished his initial search of Central Park and
found nothing unusual. He completed his second search of
the area, again finding nothing out of the ordinary. Now
the waiting began. 

Vlad was experienced in waiting; one had to be in this
profession. Exactly at 2:00 AM, a black car rolls into the
park. Punctual, Vlad thought, a good sign. Vlad watched as
two men emerged from the front seat. Both men had large
bulges under their arms. High caliber handguns Vlad
thought, very nice, very efficient, very professional. The
two man walked to the side of the car, one surveying the
area, the other slowly opened the rear passenger door. A
tall man in an expensive suit (Brooks Brothers, if Vlad
wasn't mistaken, and Vlad rarely was) emerged. The man
appeared calm as he began his wait. At 2:15 Vlad left his
hiding place to "greet" his visitors. 

No one heard him approach. When he appeared the two men
reached for their weapons but Vlad was faster. By the time
the two men's hands were just reaching into their jackets,
Vlad had already drawn, and was aiming his own revolver at
them. Laughing, Vlad said "come on boys, no need for
those". Addressing the man in the well dressed suit, he
said, "why don't you ask your friends to take a walk? The
well dressed man smiled, waved his hand, dismissing his
bodyguards and said, "they said you were the best"! Vlad
replied "that's what I'm paid for". "Ah yes speaking of
being paid", the man reached into his pocket for something,
Vlad could barely restrain himself from blowing the man
away, but he thought that would be bad for business.
The well dressed man's hand emerged from his jacket holding
a fat, white, unmarked envelope. He tossed the envelope.
Vlad caught it deftly in one hand, still keeping his gun
trained on the man in front of him. Vlad opened the
envelope and saw two large bundles of hundred dollar bills.
Also included, was a scrap of paper with a name scribbled
on it. The man was watching Vlad intently, as Vlad seemed
to ponder something. After a few seconds pause, Vlad said
"I accept". Upon hearing these two words the well dressed
man re-entered his car, waited for his bodyguards to rejoin
him and left. Vlad returned to his building, waited for the
elevator and went up to his apartment. 

Now that he had landed a job he had to make several
preparations before he could begin. After unlocking his
door, he replaced the thin piece of hair he kept on the
door to know if the door had been disturbed, and went to
his bedroom. Vlad looked at his watch and saw that he had
six hours until show time. He pried a loose floor board up
from under his bed, revealing a battered looking briefcase.
Vlad took hold of the briefcase, lifted it out of the floor
and replaced the board. After opening the case, he
methodically checked and cleaned the contents. Once he was
satisfied that all was in order, he repacked the case.
Next, he went to his closet. He decided on a very ordinary
looking black blazer, matching pants, and of course, his
trademark, sunglasses. Vlad smiled as the old adage "All
dressed up and nowhere to go" flashed through his mind. "Oh
well", he exclaimed "no where to go", but only for the next
five hours. Vlad then fell asleep. Precisely two hours
later, Vlad awakened, tidied himself up, washed his face,
dressed and left his apartment. Three hours to go. Vlad
hailed a cab and asked to be dropped at the UN building. 

Upon his arrival, he found a rooftop from which he could
see the front lawn of the building, yet couldn't be seen
himself. Vlad re-opened his briefcase and assembled its
contents. After sitting this way for about three hours ( it
seemed like more, but time moves slowly even for a
professional of his caliber ) he spotted his quarry
approaching. Five minutes later a car glided up to the
driveway in front of the building. A man, Vlad recognized
from the news, emerged from the car. Vlad took
aim........BANG!!! A loud explosion, a burst of red on a
white shirt, silence, then a flurry of action. People
scattered about as everyone at the scene reacted to the
death of the Soviet Ambassador. The world would be plunged
into chaos by this act of terrorism. Vlad surveyed the
scene, smiled, left his sunglasses upon the ledge and
carved one more notch on the stalk of his sniper rifle.
Vlad then returned home to enjoy his new found wealth. 



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