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TEEN Magazine


Lately I have been reading the teen magazines YM and Seventeen
and I've noticed one thing; they really annoy me. I feel like they are
just for preps and the trendoid freaks. Well what about the other groups?
The gangsters, punks, skaters, bikers, or whatever. They should really
give recognition to the other people in our society. Maybe they want just
the good teenagers around. They are not going to get what they want.
Maybe they think if they print stuff up all about preps and trends everyone
will follow. Well they should guess again.
 I for one, will not follow any of that shit they say. They give
some of the most whacked advice for things. Take romance, I've tried to
follow the advice, but my outcome has not been successful. I know other
people who have tried, and their outcome has been the same. Take their
quizzes, then tell me that you do all that stuff. If you know me, then
tell me how often I wear bellbottom pants, or platform shoes, or pink
make-up, or little shirts that fit me. For those of you who don't know me,
I can tell you right now, I wouldn't be caught dead in that stuff.
 That takes me to the clothes the models sport. How many girls in
this society are actually that skinny? It's actually kind of sick. I
think they should widen their models to all sizes and shapes. What? Just
because a girl who is not amazingly skinny for a model, the company won't
sell anything? Well I can't exactly describe the clothes they wear, but I
have never run across a person wearing the same thing. But in Seventeen
they have a section called "School Zone" and they go around different
schools and take pictures of the students. I can understand the way they
dress and they do show different looks.
 Both magazines put out information about bands, but I don't listen
to those bands. As a matter of fact, I hate those bands. They are
alternative bands, and coming from me, they just suck. Well I will confess
to one thing. I have run across about 3 bands that I do like, but I have
been reading these damn magazines for about 3 years. So that tells you
something right there. I still haven't listened to a word either one the
magazines have said. Otherwise I think I would have been a changed
teenager. The only thing that changed about me is that my clothes got
baggier and bigger.
 I have to say one thing about their make-up and their little
jewelry and other crap like that. Some of it is way cool, but the other
stuff is only stuff that the run-way models would wear. They never tell
you where you can buy the stuff, but they will tell you the prices, which
are way the hell out there. So all a teenage girl can do it just sit there
and drool and wish she had that. Well I'm sick of that, and so are my
 My best friend and I have subscriptions to these magazines. You
may ask why, if I'm talking so badly about these magazines, then why do I
still subscribe? The first reason is that my mom gave it to me and
sometimes I can actually enjoy reading YM and my best friend likes
Seventeen even though it annoys her sometimes. We'll sit down and flip
through them when we get them and the first thing we'll notice (well
besides the guys) is that all the advertisements show a girl and the first
thing that comes to our mind would have to be the word "sluts." Well one
thing I've noticed is that yes they do have white and black models now.
But I'm still not seeing any Latino's or Indian girls.
 To conclude, I do share my opinion with many of my friends that
they should not just stick to the trendoids and preps. Much of what is in
these magazines is just plain sick. If people disagree with my opinion, I
respect their opinion and hope they respect mine. If Seventeen and YM
don't want anything to do with other groups, then they should make other
magazines that can help with people like me and my friends.



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