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Point of View In To Kill A Mockingbird


(Essay #3)
In Harper Lee's novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus
teaches Scout to consider things from other people's point
of view. He told her this because Scout was being
frustrated with conflicts with her teacher, Miss Caroline.
Miss Caroline continued to unintentionally insult Scout and
the rest of the class, but was unaware of it. When Atticus
said, "The simple trick for getting along with all kinds of
folks is to consider things from their point of view, " he
tried to calm Scout down and show her that Miss Caroline
saw things differently than her. It is a method that is
very useful and is used by many people to solve problems.
Even I have used this method of stepping into other
people's shoes once.
I have always had a habit of ignoring my parents orders or
disobeying them. I never thought how hard it was for them
to keep order in the house much less with me disobeying
them. I ended up stepping in their shoes when I spent the
night at one of my friend's houses. We decide to mess
around and do a little roughhousing and wrestling in his
room. It was me, my friend and his little brother going at
it inside his room, bodies were flying and people were in
headlocks. It was fun until my friend's little brother
accidentally kneed my friend in the face. It was purely
unintentional, but it angered my friend greatly. My friend
immediately got up and tackled his little brother. They
started to fight inside the room, but not just
roughhousing, it was a full on brawl. They continued to
pummel each other with their fists and kicked wildly in the
air. I was a spectator to this and felt I had to stop this
before they broke each others ribs. I started to yell out
them to stop, but to no avail. When I looked and saw what I
was doing, trying to control a situation, I felt like my
parents. I said in my mind, "My parents have seen this

all to many times with me and my brother, and here I am
trying to stop this." I suddenly realized how hectic and
hard it is to stop or control something that has gotten out
of hand. Although I probably didn't solve it like my
parents would have, I at least tried to. I eventually got
mad and just pulled them of each other, stopping the fight.
A while after the incident I thought about what I did. I
discovered the feelings my parents have to go through to
handle me and my siblings. I knew how frustrated they must
have felt when me or my brother goes and ignores them or
disobeys them. I felt the anger and frustration when I
couldn't control the fight. I realized that my parents have
to go through that on almost a daily basis, and it made me
understand my parents better. I now have a deeper respect
for my parents and understand their actions better.
In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus teaches Scout a very
important lesson in life. One that is used by many people
including myself. Stepping into another persons shoes gives
the ability to understand that person better and helps to
solve problems. I now have a greater respect for my parents
because of it, and through it Scout could deal with her
Miss Caroline a little better. 


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