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All Quiet on the Western Front


The book, All Quiet On The Western Front, is a war novel written
about World War I. It Is written from the side of the Germans. The book
is really interesting at times and real easy to read and understand. In
the following paper you are going to read a lot that I have to say. You
might find it interesting and/or you might not even finish. Either way
this is how it goes.
The book is based on the experience that one man had while fighting
a war against the British. First of all, the guys name is Paul
Baumer. He is Only about 18 years old. Him and a bunch of his
friends all go to school together. Well, one day their teacher
persuades every guy in the class to enlist in the military and go
fight in the war. The teacher thought this was a great idea. So,
they all enlist in the war, even the guys who didn't want to. They
end up going through training with a real jerk drill sergant. He is
very mean to them. Eventually they get him back. After training they
are sent to fight. The first one of them to die is a guy named Behm. He
was totally against the war and did not want to go in the first place.
He was shot in the eye, and left for dead. Another one of his buddies
dies too. His name is Kemmerich. He has to have his leg amputated. One
of Pauls buddies, Muller, wants and needs Kemmerich's boots. He gets
them. Eventually a lot of other people die. It is a real sad and tragic
The story is written from the point of view of Paul. This is
really good because you can actually think and feel what Paul
is feeling. He tells the story really good and sometimes in
gruesome detail. For example, a part that sticks out in my mind
is when Paul is running toward the enemies trench, the guy who
is runnig beside him gets his head blown off by a shell. It
says that his head was blown off yet his body kept running for
a few more yards while the blood gushed from his neck. Now that
is pretty nasty in my opinion. That right there makes me not
want to go to war. He wrote the book really well. Very detailed
and descriptive. It really lets you see the war the way the way it
would have been if you were actually there. I think the book is
really good, as I have said before. If you want to learn just how bad
war is, then this is the book for you. I myself didn't really like
reading it because it is so real and true. I hate to think that the
things written in this book are real and did happen. It is not like a
movie where you can say " aw they're just acting" this book is the real
thing. After reading this book I will never choose to go into the
military on my own free will. They will have to drag me every step of
the way.
Well, kinda like I said before i have learned that war is not
fun. You don't just get to drive a tank all day and shoot
anything you want. It is not a video game. War is real people,
real death. Peoples famlies get ripped apart and peoples dreams
come crashing down. War effects everybody, not just they
people on the front lines fighting it. This book is really
good and I encourage you to read it if you like war or want to
find out more about the truth, what it is really like. If you
are thinking about joinig the military you should read this
book. It might just change your mind. Overall the book itself
is written good and easy to understand. You should read it even
if your just looking for a good story. In conclusion, I don't
think I ever want to read a war book again. I really don't
like to think about how all theose men died for no reason at
all. That just makes me sick. I hope you have enjoyed reading
my paper. I hope you are still here to be reading the end.


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