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Death Comes For The Archbishop


by Willa Cather
The book "Death Comes For The Archbishop", by Willa Cather,
is a unique and compelling story about the Archbishop
Latour and his friend Father Vaillant. The novel has a rich
storyline, full of themes to which we can relate, topped
off with its excellent character qualities.
The plot of the novel revolves around the lives of Father
Latour and Father Vaillant. It tells how they went to the
Southwestern United States to spread their word of
Catholicism among settlers and Indian tribes there. They
love and serve the people of many villages and towns there
for about 40 years. They perform baptizes, marriages, hear
confessions, and teach Catholicism. When Father Vaillant
and the now Archbishop Latour die because of natural
causes, they are were mourned by many because of the great
love the two Catholics showed to all.
I believe the book "Death Comes For The Archbishop" holds
many themes which can be applied to everyday people's
lives. One such theme is living life to its fullest, and
doing all that you can before you die. Both Father Vaillant
and Archbishop Latour showed this within their lifetime.
They spent every waking moment of their time preaching and
blessing the people of the South- western states, which was
the dream of their youth. Father Latour said, "To fulfill
the dreams of one's youth; that is the best that can happen
to a man." Both men were happy with their accomplishments
and felt that when their time would come, they would be
ready to depart, having lived life to its fullest extent. I
think this is an excellent example to try and model our own
lives using our own goals and dreams.
 Willa Cather is known for helping create the Western hero
and their qualities. Cather's heroes have certain qualities
that set them apart from other regular Western heroes, but
those characters will help the other characters by bringing
out qualities in them that the hero may not possess. Father
Vaillant and Father Latour bring the best out in each
other, both helping to help each other out with support and
love. An example of this is how Vaillant is more popular
and active than his friend Latour, who feels like he is
something less than Vaillant because of this. However,
Vaillant depends on Latour because of his certain qualities
that Vaillant lacks. This is an example we can try to
follow by helping each other in what we do. The qualities
of Father Vaillant and Father Latour add a higher level of
characterization to the novel, giving us insight to those
characters, and also ourselves. 

The book "Death Comes For The Archbishop' is a masterpiece
by Willa Cather. The novel has an excellent storyline with
themes that we can relate to our own lives, while
portraying character qualities that bring out the best in
Father Vaillant and Archbishop Latour.



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