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Sea Wolf and Dove


Wolf Larsen, a character in the novel"Sea Wolf" by Jack
London, was a very strong, brutal man with almost no
respect for human life. With all the people in the world,
one other dead person meant nothing to him. He was
surprisingly smart and thoughtful for a pirate who lives on
the sea. He loved the sea and knew many things about it,
such as how to outwit his brother when he came near Wolf's
Humphrey Van Weydon, or Hump as he was called on the boat,
was a landlubber. He had a very comfortable job, and very
soft skin showing how soft his life had been. He had barely
any muscles and lived a very pampered living. He was a
gentleman and very proper. Being proper, he was very
intelligent and had a very extensive vocabulary. He seemed
very surprised when he realized Wolf and he both shared
some vocabulary words and meanings. Hump wasn't used to
living on a boat, but he soon learned to live on one. He
became accepted on the boat with the crew.
Wolf and Hump were very different people with few
similarities. Wolf was very strong and bullied everyone
around. He believed everyone was insignificant, while Hump
was nice, proper and believed everyone was unique and we
all should live and that one person can make a big
difference and change in the world. Wolf also tried to turn
Hump into a strong man, since Hump was a wimp in everyone's
eye on the boat. Wolf had one disadvantage though, during
his voyages, he read many books, but was never able to say
what he read or really talk about anything he read. When
Hump came along, they shared and exchanged knowledge and
each learned new things about the books they read.
One scene that stands out the most from the book was when
Wolf Larsen was engaged in a battle with his brother.
During this fight, Hump and Maud Brewster, a girl whom Hump
was in love with and was trapped on the boat too, got on a
small boat and sailed to safety away from Wolf's boat to
freedom. Only later after Hump saw Wolf's boat stranded on
the island where Hump and Maud were living did he hear from
Wolf that his brother came on board during the night and
offered everyone a chance to get away and paid them to go
on his boat. Wolf's boat didn't have any crew left after
everyone left.
"Dove" by Robin Lee Graham, is another fascinating sea
adventure. It is a true story about a 16 year old boy who
sailed alone around the world. In 1965, he began his voyage
from San Pedro, California in his 24' sloop, called "Dove".
After five years, he achieved his goal and returned to port
with a wife and daughter. 

"Sea Wolf" and "Dove" surprisingly had many similarities
between them. Sea Wolf was a story that was told on the sea
and written in the first person just as Dove had been done.
In the "Sea Wolf", Hump worked under Wolf Larsen as a
crewman, while in "Dove", Robin worked under the stress of
finishing the journey around the world. In both books the
main character found true love. Hump found and fell in love
with Maud while Robin fell in love with Patti. Finally,
both stories ended with the problems solved, Wolf Larsen
died leaving Hump free from stress of him killing him, and
Robin finished the journey to have a family and spend the
rest of his time with his wife Patti


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