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Canada's Geopolitical Role In the Future


Canada is currently sitting in an economic catastrophe, our
unemployment is high, production low, and our deficit is
increasing at a rapid pace. We are one of the few first
world countries, and we need to strengthen our economy.
Once we fortify our economy, our geopolitical role will
increase. Geopolitics is defined as the study of a two-way
relationship between political beliefs and actions on one
side and any of the usual concerns of geography on the
other. As we move into the future, our geopolitical role
may be broken down into many groups. As we can tackle the
burden alone, we must join forces, and increase our
geopolitical role.
As we administer towards the future, the concept of acting
locally has slowly dissipated, and acting globally has
emerged distinctly. "One word constantly encountered in any
decision about the 1990s is 'global'". (Toronto Star,
09/11/89) We must all work together by shattering the trade
boundaries, and acting as one. Currently, we are seeing
concrete steps forward, as Mexico, United States and Canada
are almost finished the signing of NAFTA (North American
Free Trade Agreement). With this trade agreement, all three
countries (Mexico, United States, and Canada) will
virtually become one of the best trading partners in the
world. With the vast differences that exist in the
demographics, all three countries will find that trading
with each other will bring prominent economic reform.
Canadian and American capital, technology, and management
expertise, will create many jobs for everyone, hence
raising the standard of living. The Canadians speciality in
financial services, software, and infrastructure will have
wondrous impact on Mexico.
With the Americans and Canadians help in vitalizing Mexico,
l strongly believe we will all become one single country in
the future. Since the United States is the strongest of all
three, the new country will be named the United States of
North America. Becasue the United States is currently the
biggest and only superpower of the world, the addition of
Canada (vast resources and open land), and Mexico
(substantial labour power), the United States of North
America will be one of the largest dominating forces in the
world. However, this will not be used against the other
countries unjustly, but harmoniously. Moreover, we will not
be the only countries of present day to join together, as
many countries around the globe will do the same. This will
help us erupt out of our boundaries and help all nations of
the world. 90% of the world's total aid is given by first
world countries. "the reasons range from a desire to win
political friends, to increase domestic business and to
relieve guilt over the First World's inequitable use of the
world's resources and its colonial interventions of the
past." (World Prospects 1987) I believe that the first
world countries have a responsibility to aid the less
fortunate, because we hold most of the resources and
wealth. In the future, former Canada, Mexico, and the
United States will introduce new technology,
infrastructure, and medicine to these countries, helping
them achieve first or second world status.
Since USNA (United States of North America) will have
erased the borders, l believe that we will produce more
advanced technological products, and will allow more
manufactured goods from other countries to enter tariff
free, allowing us for cheaper products without hurting our
own industries.
The USNA's will introduce policies on birth control around
the world, and educate the importance of limiting birth.
This will be very important, because our earth has finally
reached its full capacity. Another way that we can help, is
allowing immigrants from other countries to migrate in our
open lands to the north (former Canada).
The Environment is becoming ever so important, as we are
destroying our ozone, creating massive heaps of garbage,
demolishing our rainforests, industrial pollution, and much
more. A world wide attempt shall be made by all countries
which will be enforced by USNA. Strict laws will be passed,
and large industries will make a valiant effort to control
their pollution, as well as helping others realize their
destruction to earth. Industries must contribute, because
they have tremendous powers in the economy, and political
As we lead ourselves into the future, Canada's geopolitical
role will be shared with the United States, and Mexico,
after the signing of USNA. The geopolitical role of USNA
will include free trade, migration, population policies,
environmental reform, foreign aid, as well as energy
development, resource use and territorial control. USNA
will harmoniously create a world in which united efforts
will have linked all the countries in the world to become
one. This will be a difficult and lengthy task which may
take many years. Until that time, their geopolitical role
in the future will see that all the nations of the world,
work to combat pollution, introduce new trading zones,
lessening the gap of the rich and poor, so that poverty
will not exist, and introducing methods of birth control
that will please everbody. 


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