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Canada's Ideal Population


What Is It ? And How Should It Be Achieved ?
Population growth, is it desirable? So many things run
through my mind when I ask myself that question. I believe
that I would desire a higher population , but to an extent.
Too high of a population would spell disaster in many ways.
In each geography class I've taken, we have always covered
the issue of our earths natural resources. And how if we're
not careful and learn to conserve, we'll run out of them.
Many people have been saying this for a long time, and I
think to an extent they are correct. So the question I ask
myself is this. How would an increased population affect
the amount of natural resources we have? Well, to answer
this I had to consider our present world population. With
approximately 5.5 billion people in the world, it has been
estimated that our natural resources will be used up in a
few hundred years. Just think what an increase in our
population would do to the level of resources. We would
probably have our resources down to nothing in a matter of
generations. What people are forgetting is that scientists
will always be working on new inventions, and are bound to
come up with some alternate manufactured resource that
people can use as a substitute to all the gasses, gasoline
and other oil products. Other problems that would occur due
to an increase in population are, an increase in taxes.
More people would be using facilities funded by taxes, like
schools, school supplies, utilities, conservation areas,
prisons, courts both provincial and federal, as well as
other government services such as snow clearing, and lets
not forget that the government has salaries too, and our
taxes pay for them. I also believe there would be problems
with a decrease in population. So Canadians probably wont
be to pleased that population decline is likely to occur
soon. Some of the problems of decreased population that
would have disastrous effects are as follows. Taxes would
go up even higher than if there was an increase in
population because there would be less people paying taxes.
The government would have to raise taxes because they would
need to compensate for the loss. I also think the general
quality of life and living standards would decrease because
there would be less people working. After if there is a
lower population there is less demand for goods and
services therefore less jobs would be available. Prices of
those goods and services would increase to compensate for
the loss of business. On the other hand the natural
resources wouldn't deplete as quickly if the population
decreased. Because there would be less people living in any
given area, more properties would become abandoned thus
producing more area to ride recreational vehicles. 

I would really enjoy that aspect of a decrease in
population. But who knows whether or not my friends would
still be around to hang out with. With such a demand lost,
probably all business would have to reconstruct their
business to suit the situation. If population growth was
deemed desirable which I think it should be, it would best
be achieved through the use of many different methods. The
decreased use of various birth control methods. Not only
through the non-use of birth control can the effect be
achieved though. After all not everyone can afford to bring
new life into the world. Therefore I propose that serious
financial incentives be introduced. Enough money to
supplement the entire cost of the birth and the cost of
raising the child for a minimum of sixteen years.
Unfortunately killing birth control wont quite cover the
amount of people that need to be brought into canada. It
would be necessary to have more immigrants come into the
country. That would mean lowering the level of standards
already in effect for immigrants trying to get into our
country. To complement this we would have to distribute the
immigrants evenly throughout the country so the under
developed parts of Canada have a better chance of survival.
If the immigrant distribution has to be done correctly,
meaning that everyone should be mixed in, including
Canadians, so no one particular ethnic group, or people
with different beliefs feel singled out. I think Canada's
ideal population should include people from many different
countries. That's why immigrants should be encouraged to
enter from everywhere. Unfortunately, just like in the
1930's, immigration to Canada is at a very low rate. Back
then almost all Canadians were antagonistic towards new
immigrants because of the sacrity of jobs across the
country. Now-a-day's most of our white population feels
they're being discriminated against because their chances
of getting a job are almost nil.....nothing.....ZIPPO
!!!!!! Many people are too quick to turn away immigrants. I
don't think we realize the potential behind allowing them
into our country, and giving them a chance, Actually
letting them speak. After all a white, black, and chinese
man can all work the same job. One colour or creed
shouldn't affect their work. As long as they're qualified
for the job there should be no reason for declining them
the position. But, not every person has the same ideas. Not
everyone thinks the same way. Therefore it would be
beneficial to everyone if we collaborated our ideas. It
leads to a more beneficial conclusion. More beneficial to
everyone because their ideas will be part of the
conclusion. That is why it would be in everyone's best
interest to increase the domestic natural increase rate. If
immigration is encouraged, which would be beneficial to
Canada, it should be stated in the agreement of acceptance
to Canada, where that immigrant must live, and for the
number of years he/she must live there. It would bring more
population to the lower populated area's. Thus more
business would be needed because of the increase in demand.
Thus more jobs can be created further away from core area's
such as Toronto and Vancouver. There would of course have
to be an incentive to being placed where your going to
live. Especially if it's a region where population density
is only 0.1 people per kilometre like in the North West
Territories. What I propose is that the government lower
their monthly taxes for a period of time. As well as
interest free loans for those who want to start or open
their own business. Perhaps a 50% savings on the building
of a house. Really the possibilities are endless since
there are different types of incentives for different types
of land. Once the incentives are started the government
should continue to give them until an area is built up
enough to support itself. To help the immigrants, the
government could also offer incentives to Canadian citizens
to move to a particular geographical location. It would be
necessary to do this so the new developing regions aeronaut
only immigrants. They would feel as if they were outcasts,
probably end up revolting, and a war would start. There are
many factors affecting Canada's population. Each as
important as the next. Some are in favour of high
population favourable, and some are in favour of low
population. So it is very difficult to determine what
Canada's ideal population should be. I think Canada's ideal
population should be about 125,000,000. That way we would
at least be pulling our weight for population density.
There would be a lot more business being done in day-to-
day activities. There would be no excessively poor areas if
we are to completely mix our ethnic groups and immigrants.
It would be necessary to use all forms of our population
increasing procedures. Even some not mentioned in this
paper. Although many of these approaches are costly, it
would be very proficient for us all to have the whole
country working collectively. With all of Canada operating
together, we would reach our optimum efficiency. Only
through the combining of our races will we be able to keep
everyone happy. Only through combined ideas of everyone,
including the immigrants and ethnic groups other than our
own, will we be able to attain more productive processes.
Only with these new processes will we be able to operate
our businesses, assembly lines, and other jobs to our
fullest potential. I also strongly believe that we will
find new resources, or invent more efficient ones before we
actually run out of the old. So I really don't think
running out of resources is going to be problem in the
future. That's why I think Canada's ideal population should
be 125,000,000. And It can be accomplished through the
methods discussed in this analysis. I imagine we can all
get over being a little crowded as long as we're all kept
happy. Which we will because of our countries new


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