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A view at night, a view at day. It's spectacular anyway.
From the Grand Canal in Venice, to the Fabulous stores in
downtown Milan, Res- Nick International Tours will take you
there, with 110% of our effort. We have established a goal
to fully appreciate the artistic richness and natural
beauty of different country, and then put it in the eye of
the beholder; you. For over 60 years R/I/T has been
creating exotic and exciting tours to Italy and thus have
acquired the experience and professionalism placing us top
of the list of specialists to Italy. With our latest 21 day
trip, we have organized a top notch itinerary from our past
remarks of elite attractions, and zipped it up into a
magnificent 3 week tour of Italy's best sites. This
semi-escorted trip takes you through Turin, Milan, Venice,
Florence, Sorrento, Capri, Pompei, and 'Romeantic' Rome.
You'll see such sites like the Cathedral in Milan, the
Leaning Tower of Pisa, or even our exclusive tour of the
Secret Vatican Gardens. Or maybe you like a more historical
adventure. Don't worry. R/I/T also takes you to the
Historical Colosseum, the old-fashioned streets of Rome, or
even Renaissance Florence. But whatever your needs, R/I/T
keeps everything very flexible for you, the customer. We
have chosen a tailor made formula allowing you to plan your
trip according to your rhythm and style. This is why we do
not fully guide your vacation. It makes it cheaper on your
half, and also gives you time to recheck areas or sites
that you like yourself. We leave time for you. So come on
in to one of our authorized travel agencies, and we'll give
you all the time you need to decide about your vacation.
It's because we're there for your benefit, not ours. /
Climagraphs of Italy / The climate of Italy is much like
the one of Toronto. They receive around the same
temperatures as Toronto, and the precipitation is also
close. It would be wise to avoid the months of June,
October, November, and December for there are high amounts
of precipitation. The optimum time to travel to most places
in Italy would be in July, where the Precipitation is
minimal, and the Temperature is perfect for swimming, and
other recreational activities. (Around 67/F to 87/F).
Beside there are two climagraphs of Italy. One for Milan,
and one for Rome. The two are much alike. / Tourist
Information / To get the most out of one's vacation to
Italy. There are many things the ave rage tourist must
know, in order to optimize the trip to its full value.
People have learnt a few inside tips after travelling to
Italy as a noticed tourist. The first thing is, if one does
not have millions of dollars, it is wise to avoid the city
of Milan. Every thing t here is extremely expensive, and
the price is doubled discreetly for tourists. For instance
(actually anywhere in Italy for tourists), a local may walk
in an ask the clerk how much a pair of shoes is. Stores
never put price tags on most of their merchandise, so the
clerk my say 90,000 Lira. But, when a tourist walks in, the
clerk will probably say 200,000 lira. This happens from
boat rides to a cup of coffee. Another thing to remember is
to never sit down in Milan. What is meant by thi s is that
there is a standing area, and a sitting area in cafes. If
one chooses to sit down, the store will surely add on a 30%
gratuity charge for the seat. Yes, it is a major scam, but
it is perfectly legal. A few things one should know are a
few statistics about Italy. The base curre ncy is the Lira.
The conversion is about 1,046.95 lira to one Canadian
dollar. The time zone there is GMT+1, which is 6 hours ah
ead of Eastern Standard Time (Toronto). The total cost for
that 21 day trip would be around $7000 in the high season,
and $5500 in th e low season. (Courtesy C.I.T tours) The
country's main language is Italian (94%). 98% of the ethnic
groups are It alian. The other 2% are different groups. 83%
of the religions are Italian. 14% are non-religious. The
other 3% are Atheist. Talking about imports and exports,
clothing and textiles are the most common. Shoes are also
very popular. This is why most people bring home souvenirs
of only new blouses, designer suits and shoes. The balance
of trade is -$2,167,000,000 for more importing than export.
This is bad for investors of the country, for it's economy
is dec lining in the trade areas. There are also many
transit systems in Italy. Most of them consist of high sp
eed trains, which connects almost every major city. There
are about 4 different train companies, such as ATAF, and
AS. A visa is not required for most travelers with valid
passports entering as to urists for less than three months.
It is required though for longer periods, and purposes
other than tourism. Health-wise, there is dri nkable
tap-water. The facilities are also very clean. Around
25,935,000,000 tourists travel there each year. Tourist
receipts are around $1 1,984,000 per year. The telex access
code is 843, and the ham radio prefix is 'I'. Overall, it
is very much like Canada, and Toronto, bu t the sights are
much more extraordinary. It is truly a place to observe for


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