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The Possibility of ET's Existance


In an ever expanding galaxy, humans cannot be the only
intelligent life forms. Somewhere, in some universe exists
a form of life equal, or superior to, humans in
intellectual capability and performance. Many people have
seen unexplained occurrences that could only be classified
as alien life forms. Thousands of humans claim to have seen
aliens, and hundreds more say they can communicate with
them. There is no doubt they exist.
If aliens do not exist, then why are several thousand
sightings reported internationally each year? Not only
recently but, ever since man has learned to pass on
information by the written word, have sightings of
unidentified flying objects and aliens been reported. In
early China scrolls were written on mysterious objects that
omitted great heat, being sighted. Due to their lack of
knowledge they thought it must be a god. However, after
studying these scrolls and several art artifacts that were
found along side the scrolls, scientists believe that it
may have been an alien craft, whose engines were omitting
Not only in China did early man see strange objects in his
skies but in Australia and Columbia as well. In Australia
the aboriginals had wall paintings that told a similar
story to that of the chinese scrolls. Early Colombians also
told of pale men with narrow faces in strange uniforms
coming to visit.
Ever since then man has been recording sightings to the
best of his ability. Many people today have photographs or
video tapes of strange sights in the sky that cannot be
explained by natural phenomena.
Today one out of eleven people have seen some sort of
unidentified flying object. However since they cannot be
produced on command, thirty-three percent of people still
refuse to believe that they exist.
Another interesting piece of evidence are the infamous
circles that appear in farmers fields over night. There are
several possible explanations for these occurrences. One is
that it is hedge hogs that come out at night and group
together in a circle, pushing the wheat underneath them
flat. This is a good explanation except for the fact that
no such ritual has ever been observed by hedge hogs and no
foot-prints or fur samples have ever been found at a circle
sight. Another possible explanation is that it is humans
pulling a practical joke. Again no foot- prints, or
evidence of any kind, have ever been found.
The circles found in these fields are often omitting low
radio active energy levels. This, scientists have found,
could be due to a nuclear powered craft of some sort. Also
it has been recorded that the wheat changes the direction
in which it is pushed down, every one and a half feet as
you get closer to the center. On a small scale model
scientists have found a circular aircraft, with it's
engines on the bottom, angled in opposite directions on a
constant basis could in fact balance itself in the air.
However on a life size model not enough power could be
generated to lift the craft.
The final piece of evidence I offer you in my essay is the
physical evidence that has been gathered by American
government officials during the application of "Project
Blue Book", a government funded project to make an attempt
to uncover if aliens really exist or not. During the
project several dust samples were collected from supposed
alien landing sights, that could not be identified as any
earth rock known to man. Also a metal was retrieved from an
unidentified flying object crash sight that had an
extremely high melting point, and was so easily bent that
you could push your fist through it and see it's imprint
left on the other side. However, as soon as your fist was
withdrawn from the metal, it retook it's original shape.
This properties would be exactly what is needed for a ship
to enter the earth's atmosphere undamaged and, at any
angle. Today space shuttle's must orbit the earth and await
certain conditions before they can return to earth, and
even then much damage is done to the ship.
Among other discovered evidence at the alien crash sight
was a chard skeleton. However, the skeleton was too badly
burned to be identified positively as an alien but, the
skull was shaped more like an egg, and larger, than human
For many years humans have criticized one another if there
beliefs were not that of the common public. For example
Christopher Columbus and his theory on the shape of the
earth or Galileo and his theory on the rotations of the
planets. Both were ridiculed as are most believers of
extraterrestrial life today. However both were proven
correct, as will be believers in extraterrestrial life. 


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