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Every year in November, hunters start making reservations


Every year in November, hunters start making reservations 

and preparing for deer season. They clean their rifles, buy ammunition, and get their camouflaged gear ready for the big weekend. Nobody can argue that hunting is bad; hunters have every right to pursue their sport. Hunting will benefit the health of animals such as deer. But handguns and assaulty rifles have no place in hunting. These weapons, which are suited for killing people, should be banned. What should not be legal is the right for people to carry hand guns, their so called protection. What is even worse is that someone can actually go out and purchase an automatic assault rifle. The problem is that our constitution protects their rights. Our society and our way of life have changed since the constitution was written. When the constitution was written, people did not live close together as we do today. People lived on huge farms and hunting was their main source of food. They could not just run to the store to buy food. They also had to protect themselves from the trials of the harsh wilderness. You can not imagine getting chased by a bear or dangers from robbers, without having a gun to protect yourself. To these people guns were absolutely necessary for survival. Today, guns are not needed because we no longer are in danger from those situations, considering the times have changed. Hand guns and assault rifles are not being used in the proper way. The only place these guns should be used is on a shooting range. Many say they carry a gun for self protection, but how often does a person need a gun to protect himself or herself? Now, we have cars and a good police forces looking after us, keeping peace on the streets. The automatic assault rifles should be banned altogether. There is absolutely no practical use for automatic assault rifles in today's society. Today, people settle their arguments by force and using inanimate objects such as guns, which can only be activated by a human being. We should educate more people to settle their argument peacefully like talking it over and compromise by two parties. There was one incident a few years back, taking place at the playground. Two teenagers were having a little argument about which one will get the ball first. Of course, one of them got the ball. But the one who lost the ball left the playground and came back with a .45MM hand gun. He killed the other kid just on the spur of the moment. He also did it without thinking of his future and how his parents and the victim's parents would feel. Without a doubt, the killer in this case will end his dreams for the future, heading to jail for the rest of his life. On the other hand, the victim might have had a bright future for himself. What good does it make if he is dead? If guns were outlawed, this tragedy would not have happened because nobody would win or lose. There was another case that happened in a California school playground. While the children were playing, a man entered the schoolyard with an assault rifle. He opened fire on the unsuspecting children for no reason. The children scattered in every direction and screamed for help. Can you imagine what those innocent children went though? People harm other people they do not know because of the evil object they possess, causing a lot of deaths, and injuries. If hand guns and assault weapons are not banned, how can people feel safe enough to go out anymore? Getting rid of these evil inanimate objects on the street will also reduce gun-related crimes and homicidies. A simple robbery can turn into a homicide, when the robbers posses an evil object. In some cases, the gun just goes off during a struggle with their prey. Other times it's just fired on purpose, so that their victim can not point them out to the police. In today's society, the criminals are better armed than the police. The police are still armed only with standard six-shot revolvers, while the criminals are armed with semiautomatics. The police are clearly in danger if they confront these well-armed criminals, not to mention the innocent citizens. They are in much more danger than the police ever will be. Banning guns can reduce government expense by reducing the need for law enforcers and court employees to put criminals behind bars. They just take up space causing the government to build new jail houses for them. They also eat up our "tax payers" money for doing nothing but lying around in jail. The expense government spend for them do not even lower the crime rate, but wasting money. After all, the national debt is going up and our children are paying for it. The only reason the government has not banned guns yet is because of the N.R.A., known as the National Rifle Associations. The N.R.A. is one of the largest associations in the country. The N.R.A. is one of the main reasons why many gun control laws and bans have not been passed. Those greedy N.R.A. have a lot of influence in Congress. They do not care about the life of innocent human being. All they care about is how they can get money and be rich. Hand guns and assault rifles are becoming the favored weapons of criminals. Therefore they should only be purchased for sports and must be kept at a gun club. That's probably what it will take to keep them out of the street. In our society, even a seven year old child can go and purchase a hand gun from the street known as the" black market." What is this world getting into if guns and assault rifles are legal and what happened to the meaning of peace and harmony?



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