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Racism: Are We Better Off Colour Blind?


My background is Italian, so that makes me Italian-Canadian. The only
time I have personally experienced racism was when I was called a
"wop." This is how it felt: hurtful, degrading, humiliating. This is
what it made me feel like as a person: worthless, inferior, powerless.
Is this what goes on in the world? Is it truly fair? That is what my
experience made me wonder.

People who taunt others, in my opinion, are actually insecure about
themselves. It might be because they are uncomfortable with who they
are as a person, or how they look, but whatever the reason is, they
only put down others to build themselves up. These kind of people are
often very brave in front of others, but lose much of their power when
on their own. This goes to show, racism isn't just caused by just one
person, but many people who have had ideas put into their heads. These
leaders would be powerless without their followers. A famous example
of this is Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was a German dictator and soldier who vocalized his extreme
racist veiws to the Mien Kampf. He was appointed chancellor in 1933,
and clearly expressed his opinions, which led to the policy of the
extermination of Jews. He was a great leader, and once even recieved a
bravery award in WWI.

Hitler started a Great massacre, known as The Holocaust, in particular,
the complete extermination of European Jews and others by the Nazis in
Germany (1933-45). Jews, as well as others considered racially
inferior by the Nazis, were killed in concentration camps.
Concentration camps were detention centres for people considered
racially or socially undesirable and political opponants.What went on
in these camps was truely horrible: gruesome medical experiments,
slave labour, discusting and brutal torture methods. Total Jewish
deaths estimated at more than 6 million.

It is disturbing to even think that an evil character such as Hitler
was admired and respected by so many people, when his veiws were so
obviously distorted and cruel. What could drive someone to do
something as terrible as that is beyond me. But, sadly, even though
Holocaust is over, many people still believe Jews are dirty and don't
deserve to live. And the discrimanation doesn't end with Jewish
people, people also discriminate against: African Americans, Asians,
Caucasions, Hispanics, and Oriental people.

Organizations such as the KKK or the Black Panthers are strictly black
against white. They kill each other and promote extreme hate towards
each other only because of the colour of their skin. It seems so
insane, but these groups are to self-absorbed, ignorant, and stubborn
to realize this. The KKK doesn't understand how completely stupid they
look in their 'uniforms' (long white robes and bizarre looking pointed
hats) and to tell the truth when I see them on television putting down
black people I am embarrassed to be part of the white race, knowing
that people like them exist. One of my best friends is black, and if
someone ever put him down because of his race I would want to kill
them, because they don't know what a great person he is, they are only
focusing on the colour of his skin.

I think others can hurt people unintentionally, such as when a friend
calls you a name in a joking way. They think you took it as a joke,
but it might really make you feel uncomfortable. In many rap songs they
sing about ''niggas'' or, traditionally, "niggers." I am not sure if
I'm up to the times, but last time I checked the word "nigger" was a
completely unacceptable racial slur directed to African American
people, but now they are using it in their own music. It doesn't make
sense to me.

If you experience racism you should ignore the bully and walk away. If
that doesn't work, look the person in the eye and say "Leave me
alone." If they do not, inform a parent, teacher, or trusted adult.
They will see that the abuse stops immediatly. Always remember that no
one has the right to belittle you in any way, and racial comments are
never acceptable in any circumstances. If you have an unappropriate
comment to make, keep it to yourself, save others the pain, no one
wants to hear it.

In conclusion, no matter what anyone says, we are all equal, regardless
of where we came from or what we look like. Racism is not only
offensive to those who are it's victims; it ruins lives and hurts
people emotionally, mentally, and physically. Racism is WRONG.


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