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Thinking On Racism


As usual, on my lonely drive to school, I was listening to
the radio. I had just turned the dial to my favorite
station (Lazer 103), and was tuned into the middle of a
conversation on racism. Actually it was just ending. Anyhow
the conversation sparked a thought in my head that
perturbed me until I arrived at school. This thought was on
how little human mentality has changed over the years.
Sure, we conquered the atom, discovered electricity, and
nearly killed every animal in site. However, we still have
no conquered the simplest problem....racism. Now days
racism is a "taboo" topic, too many people are afraid to
talk about it thinking that they might offend someone.
Well, I think I have finally found a way that approaches it
from both sides of the gun. I was thinking about racism,
and in the middle of my thought a picture of a previous
nights happening "popped" into my head. I had gone to the
pet store and bought a new chameleon (I collect
exotics...my brother was allergic to animal dander, so I
had to stick to reptiles). Anyhow, I purchased a white
amoresk, in lae-man's terms "a white chameleon". Now I
figured since this chameleon looked the same, and came from
the same species that there would be no problem. I happened
to be wrong, apparently chameleons don't like color
variances in natural color! Almost as soon as I dropped him
in the cage the others became aggressive, normally they
accept newcomers, but I can only hypothesize that the color
difference in this one was the cause for their actions.
Later they began to attack to newcomer, so I separated them
into different cages and they immediately settled down. I
guess my point in this story is, even though we as humans
call ourselves "great thinkers" and the "great species",
why do we continue to exhibit such primordial actions that
are found in "lesser species"? In a way we are like ants.
Almost everyone knows that if you put red ants and black
ants near each other they will fight. Are we as humans no
greater than ants? To this I say "no", we exhibit the SAME
exact behavior. Generally some people choose not to accept
others based on looks or color. These have to be the two
stupidest reasons that I have ever heard of for not
accepting someone. If we choose to follow these examples,
we don't only cause harm to others, we also degrade
ourselves by acting like simple minded little ants.
Personally I don't yet believe humans are ready to meet the
classification as "the most evolved species". If we were
the most evolved species, don't you think we would have
figured out how to solve such basic inadequacies? Some say
"it is natures way", I say "bah!" it isn't natures way, it
is the Cro-Magnon ways of thinking that the lesser evolved
humans use! In essence my point is as follows, don't be the
ant who bases their life on color!, don't be the bird who
pecks at a discolored spot on her young until it dies!
Instead be the cognitive, reasonable, and rationalizing
human that you are able to be. We have a gift, a gift that
if we use it can allow us to see past the color of
someone's skin, or their difference in size and statute; so
use it. 


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