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One of the oldest and most widely enjoyed sport is fishing.
The joys of fishing are different for each fisherman. Some
like fishing because it gives them a chance to be outdoors.
Some like to sit quietly on the bank of a stream, watch the
ripples in the water, and think. Other like the exciting
fight of a strong game fish. Whatever the reason, about 31
million people take out fishing licenses every year in the
the United States. Generally, a license is not required for
fishermen under a specified age, or for fishing in salt

Millions of people around the world fish for food and to
make a living. For them, fishing is a business, not a
sport. The sport fisherman usually eats what he catches,
gives it away to be eaten, or throws his fish back to be
caught some other time. He/she is most of all interested in
the catching process..
There are different methods of fishing such as still
fishing, casting, trolling and ice fishing. Some states
allow the spearing of fish, shooting them underwater with
bow and arrow, snagging them with hooks or snaring them
with loops of wire. 

Still fishing can be done from a riverbank or a lakeshore,
from a dock, or from an anchored boat. The fisherman may
use a simple hand line or just a cane pole. A still
fisherman throws his/her baited hook into the water and
waits for a fish to bite. When a fish is hooked, it is
hauled in. 

Casting is probably the most popular kind of fishing The
fisherman uses a special kind of fishing rod and reel to
throw a natural bait or an artificial line into the water.
The bait or lure is retrieved, or pulled back in , by
cranking the reel handle. The lure's movement, aided by
twitches, pauses, and jerks of the rod by the angler, is
supposed to entice a game fish to strike or snap at the
bait. The common types of casting are fly, bait, spinning,
and spin-casting.
Trolling is a third popular fishing method. It is done from
a moving boat by towing a bait or lure. The kind of fish
that is being sought determines the rate of speed. When a
fish is hooked, the boat is often stopped so that the
fisherman can play or tire, his catch before bringing it

A popular winter sport is ice fishing. The fishermen catch
their fish through holes chopped in the ice. Sometimes
anglers fish in the winter from specially built ice
shanties, or small houses that are moved onto the ice.
Fishing laws protect fish in every state in the United
States and in most other countries. Most of these laws
regulate the times of the year when fishermen may catch and
keep certain kinds of fish. Most of the laws also limit the
number of fish a fishermen may catch. They usually state
that fish smaller than a certain length may not be kept.
Some states regulate the kinds of bait fishermen may use. 

Local fishing regulations can be obtained by writing to the
conservation department in the state or country where you
plan to fish. Sporting magazines often carry articles on
the best places to catch certain kinds of fish. 


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