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Tender is the Night: Character Profiles

Tommy Barban
Tommy Barban is a fighter who at times fights duels with people who offend him. He is in love with Nicole and ultimately wins her from her husband Dick Diver.
Luis Campion
A brokenhearted homosexual friend of the Divers, Luis Campion takes Rosemary to see the duel between Albert McKisco and Tommy Barban.
Collis Clay
A former boyfriend of Rosemary from Yale, Collis Clay adores Rosemary and follows her around Europe.  He makes friends with Dick and helps him get out of jail in Rome.
Dick Diver
As a brilliant young highly educated charismatic young psychiatrist, Dick Diver falls in love with Nicole Warren, a mental patient at a Swiss psychiatric clinic. Against his better judgment, and tempted by her great wealth, he marries her. As a result, his life disintegrates and he descends into alcoholism.
Lanier Diver
The Diver’s oldest child, Lanier Diver is intelligent and greatly loved by his father.
Nicole Diver
Nicole Warren Diver is the wealthy beautiful daughter of Devereux Warren whose sexual abuse of his daughter at the age of fifteen casts her into mental illness.  She marries the brilliant young psychiatrist Dick Diver and becomes entirely dependent upon him.  In time, she gains in strength while her husband weakens.
Topsy Diver
Topsy is the Divers’ beautiful young daughter who strongly resembles her mother.
Franz Gregorovius
Dick’s friend and partner, Franz Gregorovius is a psychiatrist who attempts to keep Dick on the straight and narrow but who ultimately must get rid of him after his drinking becomes a problem.
Kaethe Gregorovius
Kaethe Gregorovius is Franz's wife. She doesn’t like Nicole and sees Dick clearly enough to warn her husband about his drinking.
Rosemary Hoyt
A beautiful young American movie star, Rosemary has just starred in Daddy's Girl, when she meets Nicole and Dick Diver on the French Riviera. At first sight, she falls in love with Dick Diver and makes continuous attempts to seduce him.
Albert McKisco
Albert MiKisco is a fearful American writer who gains confidence after fighting a duel with Tommy Barban.
Violet McKisco
Albert McKisco's conceited wife, Violet McKisco finds Nicole experiencing a psychotic episode in the Divers’ bathroom
Conte di Minghetti
Conte Hosain di Minghetti is Mary North's very rich second husband.
Nicotera is an Italian actor who vies for Rosemary’s affection. Dick is jealous of him.
Abe North
A former successful American musician, Abe North is the alcoholic friend of Dick and Nicole Diver. After leaving Paris, he is involved in a murder and eventually dies a violent death in a New York speakeasy.
Mary North
Mary puts up with her drunken husband Abe North without a whimper.  After his death, she gains in assertiveness and marries the Conte di Minghetti.
Mrs. Speers
Mrs. Speers is Rosemary Hoyt's mother. She brings her daughter up to work and earn money so as not be dependent upon men.  She gives Rosemary permission to pursue Dick Diver.
Baby Warren
Baby Warren is Nicole Diver’s sister. Cast as the villain of the tale, she uses her great wealth to buy people as easily as objects and uses them to her means. She finances Dick’s clinic, rescues him, and enjoys gaining power over him.
Devereux Warren
Devereux Warren  is Nicole’s wealthy father who molests her when she is fifteen. He is an alcoholic who almost dies in Lausanne before fleeing.


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