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Uncle Tom's Cabin: Novel Summary: Chapters 10-12

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Chapter 10: Uncle Tom must leave with Mr. Haley, and Aunt Chloe is distressed.  They spend their last morning together in the cabin talking while she weeps over their misfortune.  Mrs. Shelby comes to visit, and promises Tom that she will track him down in a year and buy him back.  Tom is ready to go and when Haley comes for him, his ankles are chained into the wagon.  Other slaves come out to say goodbye, and they all cry at his departure.  Mr. Shelby is absent from the scene because he went out on an errand earlier in the morning.  They left the plantation but soon stopped at a blacksmith shop where Mr. Haley needed to make his handcuffs bigger so they would fit Tom if he needed them.  While Mr. Haley was busy, the young Master George came riding up on his horse, and said his good-byes to Tom.  He said he was sorry to be from Kentucky and when he grew up, he would never own slaves.  He also took a dollar, put a hole through it, and tied it around Tom's neck so if he ever needed it.  George left then, and Tom and Haley continued their journey. 
Chapter 11: The barroom in a Kentucky Inn was full one afternoon and the people inside began discussing a posting for a runaway slave.  The slave was Eliza's husband, George, and one of the men talking, Mr. Wilson, had been his overseer at the bagging factory where he worked.  They talked about the treatment of slaves, and how good of a man George was.  While they were carrying on a discussion, a Spanish looking gentleman rode up with his Negro servant.  He got a room and Mr. Wilson thought he looked extremely familiar.  Finally, he figured out where he had seen the man, and the Spanish Fellow asked him to come up to his room.  He went, and began talking to the man who was really Eliza's husband, George.  Because of his white genes, he was able to pass easily since he died his hair black and made a few minor changes to his appearance.  He told Mr. Wilson why he ran away, but Mr. Wilson began arguing with him saying he should go back.  After a long discussion, complete with the tragic story of George's life, Mr. Wilson wished him luck, and went on his own way. 
Chapter 12: Mr. Haley wanted to take more slaves than just Tom to the market down south so they drove to Washington.  There, Haley purchased two men and a boy of around 14 that he took from his mother.  The boy was her last child, and she was devastated to lose him.  Also along the way, he picked up a young nice looking black woman and her ten-month-old son.  Since Haley hated black women keeping their children, the first chance he got he sold the child.  They were on a boat going down the Mississippi, and when the man who bought the child's stop came, he made sure the mother wasn't looking and took the baby.  The man left the ship, and when the mother spotted the empty crib she asked about her son.  Haley told her that her child was gone, and instead of throwing a fit, she sat silent in her grief. Uncle Tom witnessed all this, and that night as he slept he felt someone pass by him he heard a large splash in the river.  He looked over to where the mother had sat, and she was gone.  The next morning, Haley asked Tom where the woman went, and he told him the story of the previous night. 


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