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Uncle Tom's Cabin: Novel Summary: Chapters 34-36

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Chapter 34: Cassy came to Tom where he lay in pain in the shed. She gave him water and a mattress to lie on, and when she heard him praying, she told him there was no Lord. Tom asked her why she felt that way, and she told him her life story. She was raised as if she was white, and when her white father died, he did so very suddenly and before he could free her. She fell in love with a gentleman who bought her and they lived as husband and wife for years before the man's cousin came and brought him into debt. The cousin convinced Cassy's love to sell her and her two children to him, and the man agreed without looking back. Cassy hated the man and he sold her children away from her. She was then sold from man to man, and though she had another child, she killed it while it was still a baby so she would not have to deal with the pain of losing it later. Eventually she ended up with Legree and had been with him for five years. She wanted to die, and wished him dead. Tom was saddened by her story, and though she was Christian when she was young, she had completely given up her faith because of her hard life.

Chapter 35: Ever since Emmeline had been brought to the house, Cassy had been cross with Legree. It was because of this that he had sent her to work in the fields for a day. She came into the house that evening Tom was beaten and scorned him for his brutality. While they were arguing, Sambo brought in the things that Tom had around his neck. One was the dollar that George had given him, and the other was the lock of Eva's hair. The hair frightened Legree because his mother sent him a lock of her hair the same color when she died. His relationship with his mother haunted him because he had scorned and left her. Since he did not want to be alone, he called up the two black overseers to entertain him.

Chapter 36: Cassy goes to speak to Emmeline and the girl begins asking the older woman questions about escaping. Cassy tells her that she would never make it alive, and that it would be better off for her if she didn't try it. Emmeline talks to her of God and the sin of suicide, and though Cassy does not believe in him, she still will not kill herself. She would rather kill Legree. In the morning, Cassy goes to Legree and tells him that it would be better for his interests to leave Tom alone. Legree agrees with her, but still wants to break the spirit of the pious man. Legree goes to Tom and asks him to beg forgiveness, but Tom will not because he felt he was right. The Tom tells him that he will work for him, but nothing Legree can do will hurt him because of his faith in the Lord. Legree beats Tom, but Cassy stops him, again reminding him that the man is worth more in the fields.


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