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Uncle Tom's Cabin: Novel Summary: Chapters 37-39

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Chapter 37: The Quakers nursed Tom Loker back to health, and after being in their midst, he gave up his life as a slave trader.  Wanting to get back at his ex-partner Marks, for leaving him, Tom told the Quakers the best way for the Harris family to go to Canada.  The family had to take a boat over lake Erie, but the ports and ships were being watched.  To get around the problem, Eliza cut her hair and dressed like a boy, and Harry was dressed as a girl.  A Quaker woman posing as his aunt took Harry separately.  Marks checked the ship in which the Harris' took, but no one of his description was on it, so the Harris's made it to Canada and were free.
Chapter 38: Tom fell into a routine on the plantation, but after a while his faith began to wane.  Daily life took so much out of him that at night he did not have the strength the read his bible.  After one interlude with Legree however, he had a vision of Jesus, and from that day forth he was a happier man.  People of the plantation thought that he was planning on running away and that was why he was happier, but it was only that he had a renewed faith in the Lord.  After the busiest season for picking had passed, the other servants began to be inspired by Tom, and some came to him for religious instruction.  He always tried to help the weak or the sick and many were grateful to him for this.  One night Cassy came to Tom around two in the morning saying that she need his help.  She had drugged Legree's brandy and meant to kill him, but she did not have the strength to lift the ax.  She wanted Tom to do it, but he refused.  He then begged Cassy to find another way, and encouraged her to get Emmeline to run.  The Legree plantation was surrounded by swamps, and Legree had special dogs to track runaways.  Cassy knew all of this, and it was with this knowledge that she made a plan. 
Chapter 39: The attic in the house was a very scary place to Legree.  He had once tortured and murdered a slave woman in there, and since then servants thought the place was haunted.  Cassy, long before she devised her plan, had perpetuated the notions by rigging the place with things that would make noise.  Neither Legree nor any of the servants would go up there because of their superstitions.  One night Cassy and Emmeline fled, and were pursued by Legree into the swamp.  However, while Legree was getting reinforcements for the search, they circled around and went into the back of the house.  Cassy had outfitted the attic with plenty of provisions and clothing for her and Emmeline so they could stay hidden there.  The plan worked, and by the end of the night, they were safely tucked away in furniture boxes that were there. 


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