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Uncle Tom's Cabin: Novel Summary: Chapters 40-42

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Chapters 40-42

Chapter 40: The search went out the next day for the fugitives and when the party came back empty handed; Legree called his overseers to bring him Tom.  He questioned Tom for information, and Tom told him he knew, but would never give it to him.  Legree became extremely angry and had his overseers beat Tom until they were sure he was dying.  Tom told Legree before he fainted that he forgave him, and this made Legree even angrier.  After Legree went inside and left Tom to die, the overseers who were inspired by Tom's strength and faith began to take care of him.  They asked him about the Lord, and Tom converted two more souls. 
Chapter 41: After St. Clare died, Miss Ophelia wrote to the Shelby family telling them that Tom was to be sold.  The letter was delayed and Mr. Shelby died, but the management of the property fell to Mrs. Shelby.  When things settled down, young George who had now grown up and his mother began searching for Tom.  Finally, after going down to New Orleans, they figured out where Tom was and George rode out to redeem him.  When he got there, Legree told him what had occurred, and that Tom was lying in the shed dying.  George went to him, and Tom was happy to see him.  His wounds overcame him however, and he died in the arms of one he loved.  Tom was happy to die because it meant he was going to be with Jesus, and he seemed joyful.  George took the body and buried it, and Legree did not protest. 
Chapter 42: Cassy went about the house at night in a white sheet as a ghost would, and one night went into the room of Legree and scared him.  That same night, she and Emmeline made their true escape from the house. Legree was dying of illness and overindulgence cause by recent events, and his fright of ghosts did not help.  Dressed as a Creole woman with Emmeline as her servant, the two women headed north.  They were one the same ship as George Shelby, and he was fascinated with Cassy because she looked so familiar.  Once they began their trip up the Mississippi, another woman came on board, and after talking to George, he figured out she was the sister to George Harris and was looking for him.  George told her everything about how her brother escaped to Canada and about his wife Eliza.  Cassy was listening all the while to the conversation, and when George told Madame de Thoux about Eliza's origins that he had learned at his father's death, Cassy fainted because Eliza was her missing daughter.


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