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Uncle Tom's Cabin: Novel Summary: Chapters 7-9

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Chapter 7: Eliza ran all night with Harry in her arms, feeding him the only food she had.  Finally, she reached a town, and because of her light skin tone she was hoping to "pass" as a white person.  She entered an inn, and got some food and help for herself and her little boy.  Mr. Haley was forced to stay with the Shelby's until after dinner, but Aunt Chloe in the kitchen delayed the dinner as much as she could without making it look suspicious.  The dinner was long and Mr. Haley was finally ready to leave.  He left with the slaves to search and they convinced him to take an old abandoned road they thought Eliza might have gone down.  They took that road, but after an hour they ran into a farmhouse, and Mr. Haley realized that he had been tricked.  They lost a lot of time, but they went back the other way and finally ended up in the same town as Eliza.  Mr. Haley spotted Eliza in the window of the inn and went after her.  She ran out the backdoor of the house, and not having anywhere to go she ran across the half-frozen ice of the river, which meant she had gone from Kentucky to Ohio.  A man helped her on the other side and she realized it was Mr. Shelby's neighbor.  Due to her bravery, he gave her whatever help he could.  Giving up the search for the night, Andy and Sam went home.
Chapter 8: Haley stayed that night in an Inn, ready to cross on the ferry in the morning to find Eliza.  While there, he ran into his old business partner, Loker.  Loker had a different partner who was with him, named Marks.  Haley told them of his situation, and they come up with a plan to catch both Eliza and Harry, but instead of returning Eliza to the Shelby's, they plan on keeping her and selling her down South.  The men went their separate ways to make their preparations, and at the same time Andy and Sam returned home and informed Mrs. Shelby what had happened.  She is happy that Eliza is safe.
Chapter 9: Senator Tom Bird and his wife Mary were in their house talking about the new fugitive laws that had been passed recently.  Mary was upset that her husband would support laws that she thought were unchristian.  Their conversation was interrupted by their servant Cudjoe who asked for Mrs. Bird to go into the kitchen.  She followed, and there she found Eliza and Harry.  They were sleeping, and Mrs. Bird got her husband.  Just as she thought he would be, Mr. Bird was sympathetic, and when Eliza woke up and told her story, everyone was willing to help her.  They got her clothes and food, and Mr. Bird drove her that night to the home of a man he knew who would take care of her, and try to get her to Canada.  They drove all night, and when they got there, Mr. Bird put Eliza and Harry into the care of John Van Tropp.  John used to be a slave owner, but freed all of his slaves and moved to Ohio.  Mr. Bird gave twenty dollars to John for Eliza, and then left her. 


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