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Morality In War


War is an armed clash between nations because of hostility
or military conflicts. In simple words, war is fighting
between two sides. War, in my opinion, is useless because
of its damaging results, which will be talked about in this
paper. It brings suffering and death. Under no circumstance
is war moral, even in cases of self defense. There are just
other ways to solve problems. Peace treaties are an easy
way to end war. In a peace treaty, it is easy to settle the
differences and come up with an agreement that both sides
can decide on. That way the solution can be a compromise
and problems will be fixed. Often it happens when one side
can't agree so they decide that war is the only solution.
In Israel, Jews always try to keep peace with other
nations, but the Arabs just can never compromise. Arabs and
Jews are always fighting because they just can't come up
with a compromise. Wars are begun with many different
reasons: Land conflicts, Religious disagreements, and
independence conflicts. This is a story about my
grandfather's experience in World War II. It was horrifying
and gruesome, but the story is not as bad as it was in real
In 1991, my grandfather, Mike Sabetai, was taken from his
home by the Nazis, with 17 members of his family. He was
taken to a war camp where he and other divide into groups.
There were groups of people who could use their occupations
to help them survive. If you weren't put in one of these
groups, you were immediately brought to a gas chamber.
There you would wait and be killed by gas. Luckily my
grandfather was a barber. He used his skill as a tool to
stay alive. Everyone would be woken at 5:00 am and they
would have to carry heavy things and run for miles. Then
they would come back and do labor work. One normal
torturous morning, my grandfather was going about his
business and doing his work. Suddenly his name was called;
he was to be brought to the chamber. He thought that it was
the end. He followed a Nazi to the chambers. He was in a
line with about six people. Suddenly a Nazi came running in
yelling not to let Mike die because he gave good haircuts.
My grandfather was saved. He still had his normal routine
of having to do his morning work, though. In 1944, my
grandfather was finally saved. He went back home to Greece
where he met my grandmother, who also had a story that goes
like his story. My grandfather returned home to find out
none of the 17 members of his family were still alive. He
lost his wife and 2 kids. His parents and brothers and
sister were also dead. He lost everything and had nothing
to live for. His trauma lived throughout his life. A tattoo
on his arm always remained there. His hate for Nazis never
died. Although he died last year physically, his life
really ended in 1941. War was the traumatic dreadful for my
grandfather. From this story alone, how is it possible to
understand that any human deserves to be treated like this?
N the mind of the Nazis, the Jew ruined their lives. Hitler
brainwashed the Germans in the early to middle 1930s to
think that Jews were the cause of all the problems.
Although we know that it wasn't true the Nazis believed it.
This is what lead them to the holocaust. Israel made a law
that the only people that could be executed were the Nazis
that killed Jews in the World War. This law is still being
used. This is one example of one war where people,
completely innocent, were tortured, killed, and abused for
reasons that are inhumane. In the minds of the Nazis it was
the right thing to do. In my own opinion, war can never be
justifiable. There are other ways of solving conflicts
besides war. If everyone solved their problems with
fighting, where would we be now? In 19 the Arabs decided
that Israel was their land. There are many other times in
history when the Arabs have taken this view. The 6-day war
is an example when Arabls thought they should be rulers of
Israel. They fought with Israel. This war still goes on.
Although it isn't actually called "war", it is called
"terrorism". Terrorism is all over the streets of Israel
People are killed every day. Another reason for war was
over government. In 19 , the Vietnam War began. In this
war, South Vietnam fought to be a democratic country. North
Vietnam defeated South Vietnam. In this war alone, the
United States lost 58,000 soldiers. Most of these soldiers
had family ties, children, wives, parents, and siblings.
These soldiers will be missed forever. In Vietnam, there
were many bombs. Years after the war ended, soldiers were
getting odd cases of diseases. No one knew what it was. Now
we know it is something called "agent orange." This is a
chemical that was released by the bombs. This chemical made
many soldiers suffer from pain. In 19 World War II began.
In this war, Nazis wanted to gain absolute power. They want
to control everything. They began with the Jews. They
succeeded in killing 6 million. That's 6 million people
that died for no logical reason. They not only died, they
were tortured to their death. There just is no reason for
people to have to die like that. People shouldn't have to
die over war, especially women and children. In the 11th
and 12th centuries were the Crusades. The European
Christians wanted Israel to be the Christian homeland. The
Muslims, on the other hand, felt that it was their holy
land and they didn't have to give it up. Most recently was
the Gulf War. Iraq thought that they could just come and
take over Kuwait. Kuwait had a very good oil supply which
brought in lots of money. Iraq wanted to come and just take
it over. With help from other countries, Kuwait was able to
fight them often. In this war there were a lot of deaths
and there were many people getting sick from all the bombs.
People are still getting sick. We saw that many families
were torn apart because they lost a lobed one in the war.
Bombs that we didn't know what the effect of them would be,
were used. In the end we still won't know what the effects
are, but there are cases that come up, that are very
strange. All these cases are examples of the immortality of
war. War also results in destruction. Rebuilding cities can
cost lots of money. Rebuilding also takes lots of time.
War is immoral for these reasons. There is just no excuse
for torture, suffering, and death. Under any circumstance,
a person should never ever kill another person. There is
only one god. People aren't G-d. They can't make those
decisions. In the bible the Jewish nation is always
involved in war. I still don't believe the wars they had
were moral, but according to the bible, G-d commanded Moses
to fight. In conclusion, people should not die because of
conflicts between leaders of countries. Death is very
traumatizing to a person. There is just no reason for
someone to have to die, especially over issues that aren't
even worth getting into, like the Gulf War. Iraq didn't
gain anything by trying to take over Kuwait. No war has
ever come out positively.


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