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Harry Shippe Truman


When Harry Truman was about five years old, his family
noticed he was having eye troubles. With these eye
problems, Harry wasn't able to see stars or the falling
dust from fireworks. Harry never noticed this. When his
mother got his first pair of glasses, they were thick glass
in which the doctor said that he shouldn't run hard or play
in many sports with them on. Harry saw a whole new world
when he first got the glasses. He would stare for hours
just looking at the bright stars. But, Harry's fun with the
glasses soon ended when he went to school. The other kids
would tease him about the glasses because he was the only
one in the class with glasses. The teasing didn't bother
him much because the other kids grew up learning not to hit
kids with glasses.
Harry liked reading books in his spare time. He especially
liked Mark Twain's books 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Huckleberry
Finn'. He had to read mostly adult books. Another one of
his favorite books were biographies of the U.S. presidents.
Harry read most of the three- thousand books that were in a
nearby library. Harry was very good in school because of
reading all the books. His mom wanted Harry, his brother
Vivian, and Their little sister Mary Jane to enrich their
lives so she bought them a piano. She gave the children
lessons and noticed that Harry was especially gifted with
the piano. So, she sent him to get professional lessons
with a woman named Mrs. Edwin C. White. Everyone in his
family thought that Harry would become a concert Pianist.
Harry thought so too. Harry had experiences that the other
kids did not have while playing the piano. Harry's teacher
once was a student of one of the greatest pianists ever to
live named Ignacy Jan Paderewski. When he was having a
concert in their town, Harry's teacher brought him to the
concert and introduced Harry to Ignacy. Ignacy showed Harry
how to play his own famous composition Minuet in G. It was
a moment Harry never forgot. The kids at his school really
started to make fun of him when they saw him going to
school with music roles because they thought piano playing
was for sissies. But he kept on going and still ignored
them. Harry' father got harry a pony so he wouldn't be all
books and piano playing.
Harry graduated as the class of '01 out of High School and
planned to go to College but Harry's father lost money on
their farm so Harry had to stay home and help out. Harry
did finally go to school in the fall of 1901. Harry got
into the Spaulding Commercial College in Kansas City. He
studied business skills. But his father's money problems
got worse and Harry had to quit music lessons even though
his mother and his teacher plead him to let Harry go. Harry
even had to quit college. Harry had to get a job to help
his family. He got a job as a timekeeper for a railroad. He
had to check all the railroad stops and see if people were
working. While working, Harry became of Baptist religion.
After, He found a job in a mailroom of the Kansas City Star
newspaper to help his family. After that job, Harry and his
family had to sell their house to pay debts. They moved in
the same city but to a smaller house. Harry and his brother
applied for jobs at the National Bank of Commerce. They
started at the bottom, literally. They started in the
basement. Harry had to work on the farm next. When he was
26, he met a girl named Bess Walace. They started dating
for about a year then Harry proposed to her. She said 'NO'.
Over the next two years, Harry's unlagging devotion and
attention slowly won her heart and she accepted. They kept
their engagement a secret because Harry couldn't afford to
buy her a ring. The same year after Harry proposed, farm
prices went down and worst of all, Harry's father died.
Harry had to try to run the farm by himself. He had thee
debts and the prospect of his marriage to Bess made him try
to find ways to make money. Harry tried a lead and zinc
mining business. He and two friends formed the TCH Mining
Company. None of them knew much about mining. The prices
also went down, their equipment broke, and they didn't have
enough funds to keep it going so they lost eleven thousand
dollars. World War I broke out in 1917 and their company
couldn't get enough men and their company went bankrupt.
Harry wanted to live out his dream of fighting in the Army.
So, he was now thirty-three years old, and he enlisted in
the Missouri Army to fight in World War I. Even with his
bad eyesight, they needed men badly so they let him in. His
job was to recruit men. He told the people that if they
joined then they would never have to walk. He signed up a
lot of men and got promoted to Lieutenant of Battery F. His
old rank was General. He and his men were sent to Oklahoma
where he trained the men. He trained the men well under
thee conditions that they had to live under, and got
promoted to Battery D, also called 'Dizzy D.' This was one
of the worst Batteries. Harry was sent with his men to
Northeastern France where the fighting was light so they
could train. The first fight with the Germans, Got everyone
scared and they all ran everywhere. When Harry got the
Battery under control, He led them to safety and screamed
at them for acting the way they did. The next fight, they
were the only Battery that was still there fighting and
beet the Germans. They turned into one of the best
batteries in the war.
Harry married Bess after he came back to his hometown in
1919 and, with a friend, opened up a men's clothing store
which they owned from 1919 to 1922. In 1922, Farm income
dropped and men no longer had the money to buy the type of
clothes that Harry and his partner were selling so they
went out of business. When he knew the store was going to
go out of business, A friend from France said that he would
help Harry win the election for Judge of Jackson County. He
had the help from his friend and won. While Harry was in
office, the county owed 2,000,000. dollars and Harry helped
reduce it to 1,400,000 in two years. When he ran for a
second term, he got double-teamed and lost. Again, Harry
was out of work. Harry had a daughter named Margaret after
Harry's sister and Bess's mother. Harry joined a cub as
sales director of the Kansas City Automobile Club. Many
people were buying cars but there were few paved roads, gas
tanks, and barely any road signs. The club helped people
would wanted to travel by car. He was also named president
of the National Old Trails Association (N.O.T.A.), an
educational group devoted to preserving the old trails and
educating people on their history. Truman also thought that
he should get a law degree so he started taking courses at
the Kansas City Law School where he only studied for two
years because he still liked politics better. In 1926, he
ran for county judge again and easily won. When he
returned, he visited every place that needed help
personally, fired not needed workers to save money, and
fixed the town roads by building 376 miles of paved road
for the town to drive their buggies on. He was elected for
a third term so the town could show their gratitude. When
it was over the 'Roaring Twenties' came and prices went up.
Right after that the stock market collapsed and the Great
Depression started.
Harry was talked into running for Senator in 1934. The
papers all made fun of Harry but he campaigned all over the
world to the small towns, but then he collided with another
car and was thrown threw the windshield. He broke several
ribs, badly bruised his forehead, and sprained his wrist.
But he kept on campaigning. He talked wherever people would
listen. He won the election and became Senator Truman. He
learned many things like the railroad's decline was because
rich people wanted more money. Harry started investigations
and uncovered more and more scandals. It was very
Harry now was living in Washington D.C., so his family
couldn't live in D.C. all year round. So, Half the year,
Harry's wife and daughter would live with him, the other
half they would live at the farm. His daughter was also
going to two schools. Harry started having problems again.
The Person who was supporting all of Harry's elections got
prosecuted for evading 1,000,000. in income taxes, so that
meant that Harry's future election was about shot. He had
to put a campaign together himself. He went around to all
the small towns again and talked to all the people
personally. He won the election and was Vice President.
As Vice President, he didn't do much of anything and wasn't
made known to everything that was going on. So, when the
president died, it was a shock to Harry. Harry got sworn in
and was made known to everything that was of importance to
him, now. He was told about the Atomic bomb and was
pressured to use it against Japan. After that, he sent an
investigation to find spies. Two people were hung telling
Atomic secrets. When the Korean war got started, Truman got
an attempt on his life by two Puerto Ricans. Truman had a
busy time as President. He also formed the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O.) while in office.
When his real term was over he went back to his farm and
made a museum with all the papers he had so people would
know what he did. Harry Truman died on December 26, 1972. 


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