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To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


(Essay #10)
Most People Are Nice When You Finally Meet Them In Harper
Lee's novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, it concludes with
Atticus telling Scout, "Most people are nice when you
finally see them." This is true to some people that Scout
and Jem have met throughout the novel. Some characters such
as Boo Radley was thought of as mean and evil before they
really knew him. And Mrs. Dubose was mean before they
really knew her. Even Mr. Cunningham was mistaken for a
while in the novel, not until Atticus explained to the
children about him did they understand. Boo Radely was
thought of as a tormented mean, evil man who lived in his
house all his life. These rumors were spread about him
since he was a child so it was hard to avoid them, so he
never left the house. When Boo saved both Jem and Scout,
Scout realized that he was not so evil and mean after all.
He was just a very silent and shy man, nothing to be afraid
of. Mrs. Dubose was also a cruel character when Jem and
Scout first meet her. She ends up to be a silent, loner old
grandmother. Nothing to evil just a weird way of thinking
and a frail person.
Even Mr. Cunningham was thought of as a bad person, after
the meeting with the mob at the jail scene. The Finch
children thought he was the main person to convict Tom
Robinson, but he was a main person fighting for him.
Atticus showed them that he wouldn't have turned his back
on Jem and Scout and that he was fighting for Tom
Robinson's life.
Each community has good or bad elements that characterize
it. Whether it be in 1930 or in modern times, there are
still going to be qualities that can't be avoided. Maycomb
county was a tightly knit, family oriented county. People
were mostly friendly and promoted good values most of the
time. Everybody knew everyone and there was barely 

ever any crime. There wasn't much to fear, but there was a
lot of racism there. Black people were not given the same
chances as white people to live peacefully. It was a good
community but had some major moral value flaws such as
prejudice. Orange County has a wide array of
characteristics. Crime is very high here and there is a lot
of violence that wouldn't be found in Maycomb County.
People are strangers in this county, and there is a lot to
fear that isn't found in Maycomb County. One big difference
is a lack of prejudice, there still is some prejudice in
Orange County but not nearly as much as there was in
Maycomb County. Orange County is a hectic place where
people are strangers and violence is high, but there is
less prejudice than Maycomb County. Comparing the two
counties there are some obvious differences, such as with
people knowing each other. In Maycomb, everyone knew
everyone, in Orange County almost everyone is a stranger.
Crime is much higher in Orange County than Maycomb, but
Maycomb has greater prejudice than Orange County. 



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