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Odysseus: Top Ten Quotes

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  1. "But all the gods pitied him except Poseidon; he remained relentlessly angry with godlike Odysseus, until his return to his own country." Book I, lines 19-21
  2. "I wish you well, however you do it, but if you only knew in your own heart how many hardships you were fated to undergo before getting back to your country, you would stay here with me and be the lord of this household and be an immortal, for all your longing once more to look on that wife for whom you are pining all your days here." Book Five, lines 205-210
  3. "My sheer destruction is certain. Three time and four time happy those Danaans were who died then in wide Troy land, bringing favor to the sons of Atreus, as I wish I too had died at that time and met my destiny on the day when the greatest number of Trojans threw their bronze-headed weapons over me, over the body of perished Achilles, and I would have had my rites and the Acheans given me glory. Now it is by a dismal death I must be taken." Book Five, lines 305-312
  4. "So Odysseus was ready to face young girls with well-ordered hair, naked though he was, for the need was on him; and yet he appeared terrifying to them, all crusted with dry spray, and they scattered one way and another down the jutting beaches. Only the daughter of Alkinoos stood fast, for Athene put courage into her heart, and took the fear from her body." Book Six, Lines 135-140
  5. "Go on past him and then with your arms embrace our mother's knees; do this so as to behold your day of homecoming with happiness and speed, even if you live very far off. For if she has thoughts in her mind that are friendly to you, then there is hope that you can see your own people, and come back to your strong-founded house, and to the land of your fathers." Book Six, lines 310-315
  6. ".in turn we come to you and are suppliants at your knees, if you might give us a guest present or otherwise some gift of grace, for such is the right of strangers. Therefore respect the gods, o best of men." Book Nine, lines 266-269
  7. "So I spoke, but he in pitiless spirit answered nothing, but sprang up and reached for my companions, caught up to together and slapped them, like killing puppies, against the ground, and the brains ran all over the floor, soaking the ground. Then he cut them up limb by limb and got supper ready, and like a lion reared in the hills, without leaving anything, ate them, entrails, flesh and the marrowy bones alike.
  8. "I am Odysseus son of Laertes, known before all men for the study of crafty designs, and my fame goes up to the heavens." Book Nine, lines 19-20
  9. "He spoke, and threw the footstool and hit him in the right shoulder near the base, in the back, but he stood up to it, steady as a rock, nor did the missile thrown by Antinoos shake him, but he shook his head in silence, deeply devising evils." Book Twenty-Two, lines 462-465
  10. "I would have struck you with my sharp spear fair in the middle, and instead of your marriage your father would have been busy with your funeral here. Let none display any rudeness here in my house. Book Twenty, lines 306-309


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