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Romeo and Juliet: Play Summary: Act V, Scene 2-Act V, Scene 3

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Act V, Scene 2: Friar John, the messenger sent by Friar Lawrence, returns to Friar Lawrence's cell and reports that he was unable to deliver the message to Romeo.  He was delayed in Mantua because he was suspected of having the plague.  Nobody was willing to deliver the message for him because they were afraid of contracting the disease.  Friar Lawrence realizes that Juliet will soon awaken.  He plans to hide Juliet in his cell until he can send another letter to Romeo.
Act V, Scene 3: Paris is at the Capulet's tomb to mourn Juliet.  When he spots Romeo, he sees the man who killed Juliet's cousin and threw her into the state of despair that killed her.  He thinks Romeo has come to desecrate the bodies and determines to capture him.  Romeo refuses to go with Paris.  Paris tells him he must die and Romeo agrees; though he intends to do it his own way.  Paris will not back down and so he and Romeo fight.  Romeo mortally wounds Paris and Paris' page, seeing this, runs to call for help.  Paris asks to be laid in the tomb with Juliet.  Romeo takes Paris' body into the tomb with him.  Romeo marvels at how lifelike Juliet appears to be and the way she seems to light up the tomb.  He drinks the poison, kisses her once more, and dies.  Friar Lawrence arrives at the churchyard and encounters Balthasar.  He learns that Romeo is present and asks Balthasar to accompany him to the tomb.  Balthasar refuses as Romeo had threatened him with death if he didn't leave the churchyard and he doesn't want to risk his disobedience being discovered.  Friar Lawrence enters the tomb and discovers the bodies of Romeo and Paris.  Juliet awakens and asks for Romeo.  The Friar tells her that both Romeo and Paris are dead and tells her to come quickly and he will take her to a convent.  He hears noise suggesting the watchman is approaching.  Juliet refuses to leave the tomb so he hurries off without her.  Juliet kisses Romeo, hoping to find enough poison on his lips to kill her as well.  When she finds none, she snatches his dagger and stabs herself to death.  Paris' page and the watchman arrive and discover the bodies.  Another watchman has apprehended the Friar.  The Prince and the Capulets arrive and discover Juliet newly dead with Romeo's dagger buried in her bosom. 
The town is in an uproar.  The Montague arrives with the news that Lady Montague died of grief over Romeo's banishment.  The Prince decides to discover what has happened before anyone enters the tomb.  The Friar comes forward and tells of Romeo and Juliet's love and the events that had transpired.  Balthasar presents the letter Romeo had given him for Montague.  The Prince reads it and discovers the Friar to be truthful.  He scolds the feuding families for having brought this tragedy upon themselves.  He also recognizes his own fault for not forcing an end to the feud before so many people died.  Capulet and Montague vow reconciliation.  Romeo and Juliet's deaths have reunited Verona and brought peace to its streets.  The Prince calls everyone to leave the churchyard to deal with the matter further. 


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