The Good Earth: Top Ten Quotes

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  1. "He had no articulate thought of anything; there was only this perfect sympathy of movement, of turning this earth of theirs over and over to the sun, this earth which formed their home and fed their bodies and made their gods." (p. 27) Wang Lung works with his wife in the fields.
  2. "It did not do in this life to be too fortunate. The air and the earth were filled with malignant spirits who could not endure the happiness of mortals, especially of such as are poor." (pp. 35-36)
    Wang Lung's thoughts about his good fortune following the birth of his first son.
  3. "Land is one's flesh and blood." (p. 45)
    Wang Lung expresses his surprise that the House of Hwang is selling some of its land.
  4. "There is a way, when the rich are too rich." (p. 103)
    Wang Lung's neighbor hints at the coming social revolution, in which the poor will rise up against the rich.
  5. "Hunger makes thief of any man." (p. 122)
    One of Wang Lung's neighbors in the village, trying to excuse the fact that he was one of the mob that robbed Wang Lung during the famine.
  6. "But over the fields and the water the moonlight hung, a net of silver mist, and in his body ran secret and hot and fast." (p. 152)
    Wang Lung conceives his passion for Lotus.
  7. "As he had been healed of his sickness of heart when he came from the southern city and comforted by the bitterness he had endured there, so now again Wang Lung was healed of his sickness of love by the good dark earth of his fields and he felt the moist soil on his feet and he smelled the earthy fragrance rising up out of the furrows he turned for the wheat." (p. 182)
    Wang Lung frees himself from his infatuation with Lotus.
  8. "I have never had any good from that old man in heaven yet. Incense or no incense, he is the same in evil." (pp. 232-33.)
    Wang Lung's attitude to God, revealed when Ching tells him that another flood is coming.
  9. "It is the good land th