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Oliver Twist: Novel Summary: Chapters34-36

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Chapter 34: Oliver was overjoyed at the news that she would recover, and was gathering flowers along the road for her sickroom when a post chaise came upon him.  The voice of Giles called out to him and asked him of news, and he told him that she would live.  A young gentleman then exited the coach and further questioned Oliver.  He instructed Giles to take the coach back to his mothers, because he felt like walking the rest of the way.  Harry Maylie had an affectionate meeting with his mother in which he expressed his desire to see Rose and give her his love.  The old woman tried to warn him against this talking vaguely about Rose's unbecoming past, but Harry did not care.  The evening was spent in joy, and the next day dawned as usual for Oliver except that Harry began going with him every morning to gather flowers.  Rose continued to recover, and Oliver continued hard at his studies.  One night while studying, Oliver fell asleep and had a bad dream about being back with the Jew.  He awoke startled to find that the very man of his dream was standing outside the window looking in on him with the man who had accosted him in the yard of the inn.  They recognized each other, and the Jew and his companion left, and Oliver screamed for help. 
Chapter 35: Oliver's cries brought Harry and Giles to him, and after he told them what happened, they set off to pursue the Jew and his companion.  Dr. Losberne joined them in the chase, but to no avail.  The next day they searched more but found nothing to indicate their presence.  They gave up the search and one afternoon Harry went to see Rose and profess his love to her.  Rose expressed to him that she did love him also but that she could not accept his offer because her name was stained and she would not bring that stain upon him.  Harry was devastated but said he would come to her again in a year to see if the circumstances then could changer her mind and if they did not, he promised to leave the situation alone forever. 
Chapter 36: Harry, Losberne, and Oliver sat at breakfast discussing the departure of the former two.  Losberne was headed to London, and Harry asked to escort him there.  Harry asked Oliver to write him every other Monday so that he could know what was happening with Rose and his mother.  Oliver was delighted that he could do something of importance and promises to keep the letters a secret.  Harry leaves and Rose watches him through the upstairs window, pretending to be happy, but very sad he is going.


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