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Oliver Twist: Novel Summary: Chapters19-21

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Chapter 19: Fagin left the house where the boys slept and went to visit Mr. Sikes.  Upon arrival, he found Nancy along with the other thief.  He was not happy she was there just because he was afraid she would go nuts on him again.  Sikes and he discussed a job they had been planning, and Sikes said it was doomed to fail because their "flash" man, Toby Crackit, could get no one to open the door for them.  They then decided that they would use a small boy to enter the house and open the door for them.  Nancy guesses that Fagin means to use Oliver for the job.  Fagin tells her she's correct, and says Oliver will eventually make them a fortune because of his innocent looking face.  They decide to do the job the night after the next day, and Fagin agrees that Oliver will be ready to deliver.  The Jew returns home to prepare Oliver for the task, but instead of waking him, he lets him sleep.

Chapter 20: Oliver awoke to find a new pair of shoes at his bedside for which he is thankful.  Then he sat down to breakfast and Fagin told him he is going to go work for Mr. Sikes for a time, but will come back to them soon.  Oliver is apprehensive but does not press to know why he is going to Mr. Sikes.  Fagin leaves him with a candle and a book to read, and tells him to wait until someone comes to pick him up.  He sits down to read the book only to find out it is about great murderers and thieves and the evil things they did.  The book scares him, and he quits reading it.  After hours of waiting, Nancy comes to pick him up and take him to Sikes.  She tries to comfort him and warns him at the same time.  She tells him to behave when they go into the street, saying she will get in trouble if he does not.  He goes with her quietly and when he arrives Mr. Sikes threatens him to behave with a gun.  They ate dinner and went to bed.  The next morning, they had an early breakfast and with more threats Oliver and Mr. Sikes left.
Chapter 21: Mr. Sikes drags Oliver across London on foot going at a relentless pace.  They catch a ride with a man in a cart and they travel with him as far as he will take them.  They stop at a tavern where they get some food and Oliver quickly falls asleep from exhaustion.  Another man in the tavern agrees to give them a ride as far as he is going, and Mr. Sikes agrees.  They are dropped off in the town they indicated and walk towards an ugly unoccupied looking building.  Mr. Sikes opened the door, and they walked inside.


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