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Great Expectations: Novel Summary: Volume 2, Chapter 9-Volume 2, Chapter 11

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Volume 2, Chapter 9: Pip decides to go see Miss Havisham but he does not want to stay at Joe's house.  He ends up staying at the hotel in town called the Blue Boar.  Pip has a boot boy who they call "the Avenger" but decides not to take him to visit Miss Havisham.  As Pip gets on the coach, he sees that two of the other passengers on the coach are convicts.  One of these convicts Pip recognizes one of them as the man in the bar who gave him two pounds when he was younger.  As the people are loaded onto the coach, Pip winds up sitting in front of him.  During the trip, the convict that Pip recognizes tells his companion of giving the little boy two pounds in the tavern long ago for the convict that Pip helped.  Pip avoids the convicts as much as possible and when he gets to the Blue Boar, he reads an article about himself and his good fortune that the owner had cut from the paper.
Volume 2, Chapter 10: Pip visits Miss Havisham the next morning.  When he arrives, Orlick answers the gate.  He is Miss Havisham's new porter.  Pip goes up to Miss Havisham's room to find her and another woman there.  When Pip walks in Miss Havisham asks him what he thinks of Estella.  Pip takes a closer look at the woman sitting next to her, only to realize it is his beloved Estella.  Miss Havisham sends them out for a walk in the garden together.  They talk about the past, and Estella tell him that she has no heart.  When they go back in Miss Havisham tells Pip to love Estella.  Mr. Jaggers was in town to do business with Miss Havisham and Pip asks him what Miss Estella's last name is, but Jaggers refuses to tell him.  They all have dinner together and they decide that when Estella comes to London that Pip should meet her at the coach.  As Pip goes to bed, he is thankful that everyone plans for Estella to marry him, and he no longer feels guilty that he does not visit Joe. 
Volume 2, Chapter 11: Mr. Jaggers and Pip take the coach back to London together, and when they return Pip has a long talk with Herbert.  He tells Herbert of his visit, and of his love for Estella.  Herbert says that he knew all along, but tells Pip to beware because Jaggers never told him that Estella was meant to be his.  Pip agrees but swears he will continue loving her.  Herbert then tells him of the woman he is engaged to, Clara.  Herbert says that Pip can meet her, and then Pip finds a playbill for Mr. Wopsle's play and they decide to go. 


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