Great Expectations: Novel Summary: Volume 2, Chapter 6-Volume 2, Chapter 8

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Volume 2, Chapter 6: Pip does not care for Drummle and thinks that Startop is nice enough but a mamma's boy.  He considers Herbert an intimate friend.  He was devoted to his studies, and spending large amounts of money, but after a while felt very settled in London.  Pip had not seen Wemmick in a few months and decided to visit and have dinner at Wemmick's place.  So one evening Pip meets him at the office and walks home with him.  Pip meets Wemmick's father, who they called "the Aged" who is deaf, and has dinner.  After dinner, Wemmick shows Pip his collection of "curiosities" which are trinkets he has collected from various places. 
Volume 2, Chapter 7: Mr. Jaggers invites Pip, Startop, Drummle, and Herbert to dinner at his house.  While there, Mr. Jaggers takes a liking to Drummle.  During dinner served by only the housekeeper, Mr. Jaggers stops her and shows her deformed wrists to the young gentlemen.  As dinner ends, Mr. Jaggers talks to Pip and tells him to beware of Drummle. 
Volume 2, Chapter 8: Pip receives a letter from Joe asking to meet him the next day at his house.  Pip did not want to see him, but because of the short notice, he had to.  When Joe ar