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Great Expectations: Novel Summary: Volume 3, Chapter 13-Volume 3, Chapter 15

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Volume 3, Chapter 13: Pip feels happy about the situation he has set up for Herbert.  This one thing is what finally made him happy to be a gentleman.  Finally hoping to get more information from Wemmick, Pip receives a note to come to his home later in the week.  He and Herbert were still working on their plan for getting Provis out of his hiding place, with Startop's help because Pip cannot row with his burnt hands.  One night before he can go see Wemmick, he gets a note that tells him he must go alone to the marshes back in his own village.  Pip left that afternoon so he would be at the marshes that night.  While waiting at the Inn for the right time, he hears a conversation about himself that says that Mr. Pumblechook was his earliest benefactor who did everything for him.  The makes Pip think of the real influence in his life, Joe, and he feels regret.  Putting it out of his mind, he leaves for the meeting place in the marshes. 
Volume 3, Chapter 14: When Pip arrives, he finds the building in which they are supposed to meet empty.  He looks around inside, then outside, and steps back inside.  The candle that is burning goes out, and Pip is taken from behind by an unknown man.  Tied up and hurting because of his unhealed burns, Pip is in agony.  His mysterious captor lights the candle again and Pip sees that it is none other than Orlick.  Drunk, and determined to kill Pip for all of his imagined offenses against him, Orlick tells him the story of how he attacked his sister, and of how he knows about Provis.  Pip is terrified, knowing that he will be killed and no one with know what happened to him.  He is afraid that people will remember him with ill feelings.  Orlick was also the man on the stairs that night that Pip tripped over, and tells him of his knowledge of Magwitch and Compeyson.  Pip in a desperate attempt begins to scream, and the next thing he knows, he sees people fighting.  Pip passes out and when he wakes, he finds Herbert holding him and Mr. Trabbs boy in front of him along with Startop.  Herbert tells him that in his haste he left the note on the floor in their rooms, so he followed him.  Pip is anxious to return home because he is afraid for Provis.  They go, leaving Orlick, and hustle back to London.  Their planned departure time with Provis is Wednesday and Pip is a wreck until then. 
Volume 3, Chapter 15: They leave in the boat the next morning and pick up Provis on the way.  At one o'clock the next day they were going to meet a steamer that would take Pip and Provis to a foreign country.  They spent the night at a public house and late at night, Pip saw some people lurking about their boat.  Not wanting to wake anyone, Pip goes back to sleep, and the next morning they leave and when the steamer comes, a boat pulls up and asks for Magwitch so he can be arrested.  Compeyson was in the boat and as soon as Magwitch sees him, he takes overboard.  Magwitch is the only one who comes out of the water, and the officers take him.  Magwitch is happy that he was able to see Pip and Pip does not have the heart to tell him that his hopes of enriching him had perished. 


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