Doctor Faustus: Novel Summary: Act 3, scene 4-Act 4, scene 1

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Act 3, scene 4: Robin the stableboy is still in possession of Faustus's book and is planning some mischief with it.  His friend Rafe, enticed by the idea of mortal pleasures, agrees to help Robin in conjuring spirits.  They are accosted by the Vintner, who wants a goblet from Robin, but is promptly refused the request.  Robin tries to summon up devils to plague the Vintner, but Mephostophilis appears instead and is enraged to find someone other than Faustus with a book of magic.  He turns Robin and Rafe into an ape and a dog, respectively, much to the Vintner's horror.
Act 4, scene 1: Several of the officers at the Emperor's court plan for Faustus's arrival.  Martino and Frederick explain to